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Recording without a studio?

I want to record some live instruments to my computer so I can use it with reason but I havn't access to a studio to do proper recording. Does anyone have any good methods of recordin stuff so the sound comes out clear? Spacifically I'm working on a sort of hybrid song that requires some tabla playing which I will most obviously have to do live. If anyone knows some cool recording methods, please let me know. Unless anyone in the Vancouver BC area has a studio I can use for a couple hours.
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Your question does not make sense...

Do you have any equipment like mics or basic recording gear? If so do you need tips on how to use it or do you need tips on how to set it up?
If not, are you simply looking for purchasing recommendations on the above?

It really seems from the wording in your "question" you do not actually have any gear. So recording tips would be a waste of everyone
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Re: Your question does not make sense...

I think he has a mic, but not a professional environment. So what he's asking is, which rules should be followed when recording at home. E.g.: Should he record in the basement or on the roof top? Should he record in a corner or in the middle of the room? Should he close the windows or leave the front door open?

You get me?
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Perhaps but...

:I think he has a mic,

I am not sure that he does as he never says he does. Besides without a little more information any advice we could give him would be totally useless. Seriously. If you have a nice condenser mic you would not stick it right up to a percussion kit unless you had the $$ to replace the head. But there are things you could do.
Alternately you could do that with a dynamic mic.
The lack of any info tends to make me think the guy is fishing for an easy solution (using someone else's studio at their cost and probably needing their help) which will probably not come to fruition. Who has time to hold people's hands that they do not know?

You get me?

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Re: Perhaps but...

my suggestion, so he can look at equipment info AND recoding tips and process, pick up uhhhh "Home recording for musicians for dummies"

when i first set up my home studio, this book helped immensly. plus its got reference in case the instruction manuals for his stuff confuses him.

really. i never bought a "for dummies" book, but this one is cool.

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