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Mastering tricks - examples

Hey guys I don't know if this belongs to this board or to the general board but I'll post it here since I wonder if the people on the general board are hardly ever doing music lol

I see many message about mastering, etc... So for the ones who want to have a quick idea of how mastering can improve a track, here's an experiment I did a while ago. I mastered the same track, with (Yeah you'll have to paste the links since I don't know how to make links in a post !):

1. No mastering

2. 3 band compressor in reason

3. External compressor/eq/limiter (T-Racks 24)

Hope that gives you a good idea and help you masterize the mastering in the future (well my mastering is still far from perfect though, I don't want to sound too patronising )

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Is there a way to record a mixdown into Record? Take a say 12 track recording, take the stereo output and route it into a new stereo track 13 and record the actual mixdown as it is playing? I've donw this in ProTools and SONAR, but I can't figure out how to (or if it is possible) to do in Record.

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