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My First Upload - Hear The Music

Hi Everyone

I've uploaded my first track for everyone to hear, it's called Hear The Music and it's listed under the Alias of Create.
The track started with the vocal sample and i then built it up around lots of multi layered sequencing.

I have no musical background and only started making music 9 months a go with Reason.

Your thoughts/commenst would be a great help to developing my music.


Steve (Create)
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Re: My First Upload - Hear The Music


For a first track this is a good attempt. It does suffer some flaws, but I cant say for sure: I was missing a refill. I'm not sure how much it added, and just how important the missing sounds were, but I'm going to give you an opinion based on the track without the sounds from the refill anyway as I know when you're new to the board it can be hard to get feedback.

Okay, the refill must have added loads to the first half of the track: all I have is that repeating synth line, which is good, but without that refill is very repetitive. I'd love to hear this as it was meant to sound- got an mp3 site with the track? After the half way mark, when the vocal samples enter, the track is nicely done. Still repetitive, but for a first track with Reason not to bad at all.

The refill might have added things that were meant to be heard that I couldn't here though, so an mp3 would be useful to hear it properly.

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Re: My First Upload - Hear The Music

Thanks for taking the time to listen to Hear The Music. I've uploaded the track again as it was missing some fx sound at the start of the piece.
Other than that the track sounds as it should do, not to sure why it keeps asking for a refill though.

Thanks again!:-)

Steve (Create)

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