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Old 2003-12-06, 01:59
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Turn Redrum Into Any Vinatge Drum Machine!

This isn't a song but I wanted to get the word out about this great new tool...

Like everyone here I am a reason addict. I like the kits that come for Redrum but I needed to get more drum machine sounds that so many artists are using so I put this cd together. I already had the samples from being in the music game for like 15 years. The first drum machine I owned was the Roland R-5 then next the R-8. I loved it and wanted to have access to it in Fast Tracker 2 like 8 years ago so I started sampling drum machines. Recently I thought reason heads would get allot of use out of these sounds. I know I have so I copyright the cd and put it out myself.

This CD Has Over 1400 Samples For Redrum Including 14 Classic Drum Machines:

Roland R-8
Boss DR-550 MkII
Korg X5
Kurzweil K2000
Yamaha RY-10
Korg Pro-Wave percussions
Phat live one shot samples

When you load these sounz into redrum you can turn it into any of these 14 o.g. drum machines. The cd cover doesn't exist and I send out cd's with no printing. In the next couple months I plan on making at least 40 preset Redrum kits out of these samples and producing a comercial refill cd.

For now the cd has over 1400 one shots you can load straight into Redrum for an unlimited number of kits. If you wanted to put a 808 kick with an 909 snare with korg percussion and 707 hi hats, you can!

I hope you love this cd as much as I have. So far I sold like 15 in 2 weeks, I put up a quick site so everyone can pick one up pre-release. Click the link at the bottom of the message.

Poeple have been saying they get allot of use out of the cd and it is always great to get good feedback.

Thanks for reading this post. Reply and let me know your thoughts.

Peace - Leroybr0wn
Click Here to check it out!
Old 2003-12-07, 00:39
olefski olefski is offline
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Re: Turn Redrum Into Any Vinatge Drum Machine!

sounds interesting, any chance of a demo ?


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