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Sequencer Step Mode

Hi There!

I am a new reason user and would like to know if there is a easy way of step entry notes on the sequencer?
I want to input notes from my keyboard and not from the piano roll window.
Choose a note value(ex:1/16) and input from a external keyboard.

Thank you

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Re: Sequencer Step Mode

you just point and click doesnt seem it can get much easier than that ,but seriously, no u cant program the matrix from ur keyboard though you can automate it via midi(see manual for this)
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Re: Sequencer Step Mode

you just point and click doesnt seem it can get much easier than that.

Thank you for your answer qwan, but I think the Sonar Step mode is much easier!
You just insert the figure size and go on to the synth keyboard and enter the notes via midi with the same time durations faster than have to scrol the small Reason window up and down in search of the right note and Octave.
Maybe because I am from a Roland MC50 Sequencer time where we had these programming approach.
But as you answered we can not input notes from outside Reason! that is something the reason team need to be aware of!

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Re: Sequencer Step Mode

i know what you mean and i like to work this way too .. i haven't found a way to do it with Reason's sequencer though

anyone know if this is possible?
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Step Entry is not supported. Period. nt

:anyone know if this is possible?

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