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drum, bass sounds at high volume

I have this problem of drum and bass sounds wavering and eventually creating additional noises at high volume. I have tweaked many knobs and they do help to a certain extent, but in some cases, the result is pretty much the same. Is there a general rule in trying to remedy this problem? Btw, I'm using Reason 2.0 and creating progressive house music. Thanks in advance.
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Re: drum, bass sounds at high volume

Leave the sounds in Reason in the yellow not red on the mixer then turn up your amp or sound source, speakers etc... If you still hear the aditional noises it is prob your soundcard or speakers. What sound card/speakers are you using?
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check this

like already said; it has probably to do with the equipment you use but if you're complaining about boomy bass and messed up drum frequencies at higher volumes then there's a big chance that something's wrong with your room acoustics or that your monitors are badly positioned in relation with the wall(s)...if you don't know what i'm speaking about, check the link...
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