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Yet another wishlist


this is my wishlist:

1.THX for mousewheel support, but the next step in rack management should be to put several racks beside each other within a song window. Or even more rack windows for one song. should be able to mark more than 1 device and copy/paste/delete and especially subgroup them.

3.You should be able to save those subgroups then, because if you create a sound, it may not just consist of 1 sound generator but effects etc.

4.A Drum Synthie would be cool. Or a modulating device offering filter and volume envelopes especially for drum sounds. option for redrum and matrix patterns

6.load midi data into redrum/matrix quantizing events fitting to the tempo set on the device.

7.a graphic EQ, because the vocoder just s*cks for non-human voice frequency range.

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No. 2 is possible now...

if you hold the SHIFT key while selecting the devices you want to copy/paste or delete.

But it would be nice to save that selected group for recall when needed. This is a frequent request here.



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