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Old 2004-05-24, 21:19
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Radium 61 knobs and sliders not mapping

I am having trouble getting my Radium 61's knobs and sliders to work... Only two knobs work.

Any thoughts as to what's wrong? I can control two knobs, the keys, volume, and the mod and pitch wheels. When I go to map the knobs in Reason I am getting a signal indicator for the Learn from Input option, but it doesn't map.

Could the keyboard be defective somehow? Or am I supposed to program the MIDI inside the Radium keyboard...? I want to resolve this quickly since the warranty runs out on the keyboard soon.

Hopelessly confused:
Old 2004-05-24, 22:08
warmaudio warmaudio is offline
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Re: Radium 61 knobs and sliders not mapping

You do need to set-up the controlers on the Radium itself but you should at leats see that your controlers move or change certain parameters on a particular device,

The Radium controllers are automatically assigned to specific MIDI Controller Numbers out of the box but you can edit and store your own controller settings.
Setup a Subtractor and without making any changes to the Radium settings, move each controller & see if any parameters on the Sub move - Check the MIDI Implementation chart(The PDF file in the Reason Program folder ) for the MIDI Mapping of the Sub is?

If no other controllers move a value on the sub then it may well be a duffer. Best of luck.

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