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Old 2004-09-09, 04:37
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Reason 2.5 -- Sonar 3.1.1 -- Rewire problems....

Hey all, I searched for this because i was sure it came up a lot, didn't find too much useful info for my particular problem. So if you know of any other threads that might help I'll gladly check them out if you point me to them.

I am having problems on my new computer with Rewire. I use Sonar Producer 3.1.1, using rewire for Reason 2.5 (the same problems happened in 2.0, so I just upgraded, but the problems persist).

I used rewire extensively with Sonar 2 XL on my old computer with zero problems.

here's the symptoms:

-When i insert a Rewire device (Reason) in Sonar 3, all the necessary routing and connections and tracks are created. No problems there.

-The tempo setting in Reason reflects the tempo setting in Sonar, and the Loop On/Off button in Reason reflects the loop settings in Sonar. Again no problems there.

-If I press play or stop in Sonar, nothing happens in Reason.

-If I press Play in Reason, the button does NOT depress, but Sonar starts playing. When i press Stop in Reason, the button depresses, but Sonar does not stop playing. And no matter what none of these controls causes the Reason sequencer to play....

-Even when i press keys down on the piano roll in the Reason sequencer, no sound comes out even though i have the audio routed correctly into Sonar (I've done it a million times so I know its set up right...the audio trcks in Sonar i mean). However, when I open Reason by itself (not Rewired), everything works/plays fine.

-Any of the midi that is sent from a midi channel in Sonar into Reason, none of the "Midi In Device" indicators in Reason show any activity, nor do the "Midi Note On" lights on the Reason synths. I've tried just about every Midi input/output setting combination I could think of (in Reason and Sonar, still no results).

-oh and usually the FIRST time that i insert Reason and set all the routing up, when i press start the first time and first time only, I get a DROPOUT warning at the bottom of Sonar. Then after that first time, it doesn't say it anymore, but all of the above happens instead.

I'm using the EMU 1820M, I just set everything up so I'm sure I'm missing one little setting somewhere. I JUST got this computer set up, so hopefully it'll be an easy fix. I have Reason 2, Rewire 2, Sonar 3.1.1 and the latest drivers for my soundcard. I've read every last bit of info in all of the above manuals about Rewire, still stuck though. It wouldn't bother me so much if I didn't CONSTANTLY use it on my old computer with great success.

Any thoughts? Comments? Advice?

I've upgraded everything to the latest versions and drivers. I'm thinking its some type of settings issue, but what's happening definitely seems fishy to me.
Old 2004-09-10, 21:52
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Re: Reason 2.5 -- Sonar 3.1.1 -- Rewire problems....

no comments? ANY advice on fixing rewire is appreciated, not necessarily Sonar....I've basically run out of options and fixes...I'll try anything at this point!


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