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Old 2005-01-14, 15:30
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lol...Bethoven wouldn't be happy to hear this :))

but he won't hear why don't you hear that )

This is the place, took my old song and made a remake on it, included Bethoven's moonlight sonata Hope you like it.....

Old 2005-01-15, 03:25
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Re: lol...Bethoven wouldn't be happy to hear this :))

heya. im sure he would of have been very delighted. i liked how you arranged an original track with bethoven's piece. however, the transition leading to the sonata seems a bit sudden.
u might want to mellow down on the "release" on the strings and maybe add another strings track or a couple more to make it more dramatic. what i really liked was the transition from the strings after u play the sonata. u did a nice job -ken


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