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Old 2005-05-10, 17:12
wouterschakel wouterschakel is offline
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Do people know what techno is???

.. I mean, where's the the "Chris Liebing, Marco Bailey, Umek, Gaetano Parisio, Glenn Wilson"-like music? It sure isn't in the techno section of the song archive. All I find there is electro/experimental/trance.

So again: Do people know what techno is?

Sure the official meaning of techno is: "music based on technical gear". But what isn't these days. The old phrase 'techno' has evolved into 100's of styles. Today techno means: rolling stomping energetic songs with great emphasis on the beat, mostly around 130-140 bpm. Trance is melodic, electro isn't rolling and stomping, experimantal is just wierd (otherwise it wouldn't be experimental).

It's not that I want to put all songs into boxes like: that's trance, that's techno etc. , there are always mixes of styles possible. But when you search for techno tracks in the song archive it's very disapointing. Music is to easaly labeled 'techno'.
Old 2005-05-10, 18:07
tormod tormod is offline
Join Date: May 2003
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Re: Do people know what techno is???

A hundred styles of
Emphasize Beats...

(just taking notes here. Genres confuse me)
Old 2005-05-10, 22:19
saxon saxon is offline
Join Date: Feb 2005
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Re: Do people know what techno is???

considering i was around before the 1st tb 303 was invented i think i know what techno is. i know what you mean about names but in my book techno is electro, dance is remixed disco and the stlye your after is hard dance with a simple melody and techno sounds thrown in.
if a dj with the iq of a dead monkey can make 4/4 hard core/dance what does that tell you. not all electro is strange just us freaks that make it
Old 2005-05-10, 23:37
chowlett's Avatar
chowlett chowlett is offline
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Re: Do people know what techno is???

Techno is exactly what is says on the tin: Technology!!! Reason is cutting edge technology for the future and involves functionality which can not be paralleled by hardware unless you want to spend an entire bank on it!

With more and more possibilities coming to light with each new release of Reason, the inevitable is that serious exploitation of technology (which is techno) will often be experimental. Therefore, techno music will continually change if it is to be techno on a continual basis.

Also, hardware as you know it today will take a back seat in the near future - better software, better soundcards, better midi controllers, digital mixers (with motorised faders), and 5.1 mixing will be the way of the future mate! Music producers will gain more and more control over sound, so again, cutting edge music (techno) will keep evolving as technology does!


Dance FX 21
Be on the Beat!
Old 2005-05-11, 01:15
wouterschakel wouterschakel is offline
Join Date: Jun 2001
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Re: Do people know what techno is???

I'll still have to disagree.

Just listen to the Dr. Rex drumloops in the Factory Refill. Compare the techno-loops there with the 'techno'-songs in the archive. It's not the same at all!

Also compare the techno-loops with the electronical-loops. Not very very very different but still: different.

One more thing, should I interpret your last 2 lines as this: the style I'm looking for is electro, but then by dumb people??? If this is what you mean, I'm very offended...
Old 2005-05-11, 01:27
wouterschakel wouterschakel is offline
Join Date: Jun 2001
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Re: Do people know what techno is???

Your interpretation of techno seems out of date to me, this way techno is continuasly something else. I prefer the styles as they sound in the Dr. REX loops in the factory refill.
Old 2005-05-11, 15:37
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Re: Do people know what techno is???

i love techno, any of you guys like phil kieran, great techno producer from northern ireland
Old 2005-05-11, 18:15
Khazul Khazul is offline
Join Date: Nov 2004
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Re: Do people know what techno is???

To my mind techno was more about playing technology to create/re-process musical sounds than just playing conventional instruments and then statically processing them.

The studio gear normally used for after-recording processing, or with static settings became the central instruments of a live performance, use of static patches on synths died, and instead it was more important that you could real time morph that sound, using electronics for expression rather than just melody for expression.

These days - take a cross section of top "techo"/"dance" keyboard players - half of them aint really keyboard players, they are perhaps more accurately described as "filter" players, or "programmer" players if you really consider what their key tool is for expressing musical ideas - the keyboard part is more of a carrier for that than the central theme.

Now of course, everyone has learned to stop thinking of fx processors as static settings, so "techno" is no longer really a genre anymore, but an aspect of how people go about making music in many genres.
Old 2005-05-11, 22:01
saxon saxon is offline
Join Date: Feb 2005
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Re: Do people know what techno is???

did not mean to offend. i like taking the piss out of the dummy sucking whistle blowing white glove raver types, not all is shit i once had the platypus albums and some of carlcox but all that hard core you know the score is shit. the only people i see playing that type of music is the little robbing car thiefs from run down housing estates. if your 1 of these dummys i 100% take the piss. if not im sorry and ill get my mate to punch me in the head on your behalf.
Old 2005-05-12, 07:36
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Re: Do people know what techno is???

ok if techno is technology then trance is trance... which means entrancing music. not detuned saws and rolling bassline.
names... even if they used to mean something when the ....... (whatever you like on the dots) genre started they actually dont... now progressive used to be progressive. its not progressive anymore, its just pop-ish (to me at least) bullshit.

the point is that when a new genre is born you have to find a name for it. so techno isnt technology (even if it is sometimes). its just techno. Carl Cox, Dave Clarke, Adam Bayer and many more. this genre is techno. cheez ppl its just a name.

and to answer your question ppl dont know what techno is. everything with a 4/4 beat is techno to them.

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