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Reason Midi Sync

I was looking to do sort of a multi midi sync with Reason and was wondering if it was possible.

Essientially, what I was looking to do was to have a Reason song synced up to an external clock. I then was looking to call up another Reason song (with the first still open and playing) and have that song sync to the external clock as well, HOWEVER, I wanted this second song to start from it's beginning.

At present I'm having multiple issues with this. The first song I call up will work fine, allowing me to add things on top of it, loop certain sections of it for a time, etc. However, once I have the second song open and instruct it to play, it follows the clock signal a bit to closely. That is to say, rather than starting from it's beginning, it jumps XXX measures into the song. Furthermore, the song that was playing previously stops as soon as I instruct the other song to begin play.

The only way I've found to get the second song to start from it's beginning has been to completely stop my master clock source and restart it.

I've found no way to get two Reason sequences to play at the same time synced to an external clock source.

Idealy, I want the ability to manipulate where exactly a Reason song begins as well as the ability to have (at least) two songs/sequences playing at the same time.

Please, someone tell me there is a way to get Reason to sync up soley the tempo/timing of the master clock and ignore measure placement! That there is a way to have two sequences play at once!

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