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Old 2005-06-22, 00:01
mirgens mirgens is offline
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Midi out device for sequencing external synths and modules.

It would be lovely if I could sequence my external gear using reasons incredibly easy sequencer... Think about it; drawing curves for volume and filter, which could be controlling your external gear... maybe use the matrix for short melodies or drums.. Reason could be the master. It would be a dream..
All you would need to make is a device that could be added to the rack, and it would let you decide midi channels, program changes, etc..
This would make life ALOT easier for those of us that still enjoys the presence of a loving synth..
Old 2005-06-22, 01:40
junkets junkets is offline
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Second that! n/t

Old 2005-06-24, 18:38
tallgood's Avatar
tallgood tallgood is offline
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midi clock output would be very handy [nt]

Old 2005-07-07, 01:38
sonique24 sonique24 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2005
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tengo problemas con la maldita latencia


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