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Old 2005-07-15, 04:41
dsuh dsuh is offline
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10,000 Samples in the Reason Drum Kit??? yeah right......

so I got the refill hoping they would have some good kicks, snares, hi hats.. ect... I didn't care about the patches and such. I just wanted the samples.

Turns out the samples are -3943 db? I'm using the Redrum and loading in samples in and I can hear only 1/2 or them... at -32432 db.

I usually use the stock Reason 2.5 drum samples which have high volume, but the samples in the Drum refill have such low volume.

And also, 1/2 the samples are same, just dffferent velocity. I don't understand. There are 10,000 samples... 10 duplicates of 1.... just velocity difference..

Did I recieve a defect cd?

someone help.
Old 2005-07-15, 16:31
doinky doinky is offline
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I'm sure I'm not the only one asking this...which refill?n/t

Old 2005-07-15, 17:10
dsuh dsuh is offline
Join Date: Dec 2003
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Re: I'm sure I'm not the only one asking this...which refill?n/t

??? Reason Drum Kit Refills....
Old 2005-07-15, 17:32
adfielding's Avatar
adfielding adfielding is offline
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Re: 10,000 Samples in the Reason Drum Kit??? yeah right.....

I'm guessing that you haven't received a duff CD - there are several different samples for the same drum as this is how the NN-XT patches work, and the NN-XT patches form the meat of the refill. The idea is that with several different samples for the same drum you avoid the "machine-gun" drum effect by playing the same sample in quick succession. Also, playing a drum at a different velocity produces a different result than it simply being louder or quieter.

The purpose of the refill is to provide highly realistic sounding drum kits through the NN-XT patches. If you were after single shot samples then I feel that you may be SOOL here, but from what I hear those drumkits are mighty tasty... give the NN-XT kits a try and see how it goes.
Old 2005-07-15, 21:49
dsuh dsuh is offline
Join Date: Dec 2003
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So It's basicly for the NN-Xt.....

Well that expains it.... I have never used the NN-XT for drums finding it complicated making drums with midi. Guess I got no choice considering the fact that I can't return this peice of software.

I guess learning the NN-TX won't hurt. I'll start by using eq's for each piece of percussion go through all different channels. Sounds crazy but I get more control over each peice of sample.

thanks a lot for your help.

The 10,000 samples caught my eye... Guess I lose some and win some.
Old 2005-07-15, 21:56
MrCurry MrCurry is offline
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I use this refill alot maybe this will help..

they main focus of the RDK is realistic drums..and no you're cd isn't defective.its not one of those "3000 drums samples for you!" refills. its more like having drum kits for reason.. hence the name "Reason Drum Kits".

now it does have redrum patches but for me they don't do the refill justice.the refill is mainly of like you said has the same part of the drum just different velocity levels which enhance realism.

so the NNXT is the way to go for this refill. also you should treat this refill like real drums.. do alot of EQ'ing,FX and what not .. its really a great refill i use it in almost all of my songs (heck it made me sell my drum machine) but if you got this refill for just 1 shot drum samples?.. sorry man this refill isn't for that
Old 2005-07-15, 22:36
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Re: 10,000 Samples in the Reason Drum Kit??? yeah right......


True, Reason Drum Kits aren't loud. It's because they're preserved in their natural state, uncompressed, not processed in any way. That's the whole point: You are the engineer. It's a 'simulation' of having great sounding drums in a great sounding room. Anyone who's been involved in sound engineering at any level will tell you that recording drums is one of the biggest pains in the ass. It's hard. It's expensive. It's extremely time consuming. With RDK, the hard part of the job is already done, but the 'signal chain' ends at the mixer inputs - everything that happens after that - compression, effects, EQ:ing, mixing etc - is your job.

Since Reason has 32-bit internal processing and you've got the MClass with the Maximizer and the Compressor there's no shortage of level control. You can crank them up seriously if you want, without losing quality. But _you_ should do that, it shouldn't be sampled that way because the next user might want softer, less processed and more natural sounding drums.

10,000 samples:

The idea here is quality, not quantity. It's 10,000 samples because there are tons of different samples for each instrument at each velocity level and through separate microphones. If you wanted a sample collection with 10,000 single shots of 10,000 different drums, there are plenty of those. RDK is different, it's intended to fill a void, not to be Massive Drum Collection number 10,000.

For reference, look at Toontrack's Drums From Hell Superior (a VSTi plugin). It's got even fewer kits and instruments than Reason Drum Kits, yet it comes on five double-sided DVDs, a total of 35 GB worth of samples for just ten kits. Why? Detail, quality, control.
Old 2005-07-16, 01:43
dsuh dsuh is offline
Join Date: Dec 2003
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quality not quanity...

hmm... Thanks for describing that. More complex than I thought it was. I guess it's going to be harder for me to work with it because I use basic computer speakers. But I'll be getting studio monitors soon..

Well, I appreciate all your comments and help. It's time for me to compress and eq the shizznits out of this baby...

Old 2005-07-16, 02:46
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Re: 10,000 Samples in the Reason Drum Kit??? yeah right......

Sorry to say this, but I immediately understood what the Props meant with 10,000 samples when I first read about the technology they were using called hypersampling (multi-dimensional).. sorry again..
Old 2005-07-16, 14:39
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Don't forget...

If you're initially confused as to why you're not getting all the sounds you should be from the nn-xt patches, a lot of them use extra outputs from the back of the device. You've to wire them into other channels on yer mixer. Or at least I did...
me muzak

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