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Street - Progressive Electronic

This ones a remix of Second Thought's track "Street". Not sure if it's finished. I don't know if the square lead part fits.
Street - Tyrol Mix
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Re: Street - Progressive Electronic

Hey Bliss,

'Street' Has a bizarre intro, sounds really springy...
Nice organ/bass melodies here, the mix seems quite heavy on the right for the first 1:40 or so, done on purpose? Sounds much better after that though... this track is cool, really mellow feel to it, your pads and choice of sounds are lush....
Oooo, that square lead does fit, reminds me of another track, can't remember what band it is though... maybe Air, not to sure... BUT, get some FX's on it, maybe a touch of 'verb and delay? sounds a little dry, just a thought, see what else gets said, eh? XD
To sum up that track... spongy, bouncy and springy... but damn cool with it, the middle section was fu*kin' great!


[You got a link to the original to compare it to?]
Smashed Toy....
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Re: Street - Progressive Electronic

The track didn't catch me at first but then I continued to listen and I gotta say I love the wacky, wirly, wonky attitude of your tune. I love it! I'm thinking c64 again.

Cheers bliss!

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