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Sampling Drum Machine Plug-in

Hi Guys...

If anyone can pull this off, I assume you guys can.

I've been looking for a sampling drum machine VST plug-in for a while now and I just haven't found what I'm looking for.

I come from the 2nd generation of sampling drum machines like the SP-1200 and Akai MPC series.

All the VST's that claim to be "Sampling drum machine modules" to me are only sample players. Sure the Mapping, Layering, enveloping, and fx capabilites are many times greater than what was previously availble in the hardware market, but they are all missing a few fundamentals that give them the truly inspirational capabilities of the hardware variety. So the following are a few suggestons of how you might make a really great sampling drum machine plug-in.

1) Self contained environment for: Sampling, truncating, pad assignment (note mapping), velocity, evelopes and effects. Let me not be hasty and say I'd like to give up all the advances in editing and layering that the new software offers. However, IMHO a sampling drum module ought to ACTUALLY sample and not just be a sample player. There is something about being able to grab a sample (from an analog input or from host track or master output), quickly truncate and start tapping on it right away. All this dependency on the host app or another app, no matter how powerful an editor it is is just a royal pain. It totally distracts from the creative flow.

2) Not everyone likes step sequencers - sure the 808 and 909 had their day, and the SOUNDS they made still influence the dance floor today, but I like to program drums by playing patterns and tapping pads...not turing little lights on and off. I prefer a piano roll view. Am I the only one who thinks way? The SP-1200 and AKAI series sold a lot of Hardware units...I can't believe it's so.

3) Please have a Roll/Tap Repeat/Flam function - This is so dead obvious for a Drum module, but no one in software has really ever implemented it. (Well there was Dynamic Drums on the Amiga...but that was a LONG time AGO). I've had to emualte this with Arps, but it's just not the same. Arps in hosts typically process the entire track and are produced POST record, meaning you can't change the time base on the same track, you end up having to use multiple tracks for 16th's and 32nd's etc. It's a really cumbersome workflow.

4) Don't forget the Choke/Mute Groups. Assigned Pads need to be able to assigned to a mute group that way pads assigned to the same group will mute each other when played succively (i.e. a closed Hi-hat will mute the playback of the preceeding open hi-hat).

5) Quick Multi level or multi pitch mode. The SP-1200 and Akai made this very simple to do. Hit multi level and then you source sound the sound is mapped across all the pads at mutiple levels. Same with Multi easy and so fast...start using this with the Repeat button and now you're really makin something...

A couple of things I've come to like...

I really like "resampling" or them ability to resample the output of the VST as a new sample, kind of like Ping Ponging samples. Very useful.

Support to create Acidized Wavs to that you can split loops up and strech sound playback according to host temp changes. This should be an optional mode. That would be very, very cool...

I hope it deosn't soundlike I'm unloading on you guys. I just can't believe it's 2006 and nobody's done this. I also can't beleive I'm the only one that liked to work this way.

Why dont you guys just pick up a couple of the old beasts and see how they did this stuff? This has to be a valid workflow for creating music....It carried a premium price for a long time.

Thanks for letting me bend your ear...

Now back tyour regularly scheduled forum...



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