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Old 2006-07-17, 23:18
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Where to submit songs for input?

I would like to submit my songs somewhere where people can rate and comment on them. Input from others is crucial for me..It's very hard to judge for yourself how your song sounds, especially when you've worked with it and heard it over and over for months sometimes.

The Propellerhead Music Forum has been excellent for this sometimes, but at other times, songs go ignored. I think the problem is that the forum isn't active enough..Or maybe it's just my songs. Does anyone know of a more active forum, or sites where you can submit your songs for review? Still being a newbie, I don't want to start my own website or join one of the music pages like soundclick, broadjam etc..I don't have enough songs, and the ones I have are not professional enough, IMO.
Old 2006-07-18, 01:02
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Re: Where to submit songs for input?

there's so many sites that i can't even remember them all, i have no idea that what could be good for you as all people like different communities, it doesn't matter where you hold your songs - use soundclick for songs but hang on other places, that's what i'd do. don't also be affraid to post your songs, all people have been noobs and critic helps you getting better. i can't remember now where i saw that list of all places, try google.

Good luck!!
Old 2008-10-30, 22:45
AReality22 AReality22 is offline
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I suggest I've been there as Artificial Reality now for 8 years. You can get TONS of comments/reviews/ratings just by reviewing others on the site and asking them to do the same in return.
Old 2008-10-31, 02:02
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I was going to suggest, but I just read the user agreement contract, and let's just say I've changed my mind.
The artist who aims for perfection in everything achieves it in nothing -Eugene Delacroix



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Old 2008-10-31, 07:43
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Reasonstation. It doesn't get much traffic anymore (it used to be a torrential downpour of content, hate, views, and reviews and haxor jokes and very cool links you won't find anywhere else), but if you do get a review, it's more likely to be a high quality review. They are very much into reviewing content substantively.

I don't have so much time anymore to do all this and I haven't been there in a while but the peeps over at em411 are definitely a solid bunch that bother to listen and give good reviews.

KVR ( is one of the biggest- not much into Reason at all, but only the end result music counts, right? I haven't looked much and don't know how they do reviews.

It can be hard to get your neck above ground anywhere to get input. Makes you jealous of those that get tons of banal nothing comments but oh well life's a beach...

And of course there is all the MUCH more popular "broadband" outlets of myspace, facepage, replicaville, tubezoo, etc... not very likely to get a review worth reading around those parts imo...

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Old 2008-11-01, 13:22
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The problem is not being able to select genres in the new forum.
There's no point on my commenting on rap music - I don't understand it.
But I can't see what type of music someone's asking about in the new forum so I'm wasting my time even going there now.
Prop's pretty much killed that forum for me.

Soundclick ( is pretty good to give you an indication of appreciation .
As folks listen to your songs, they gain chart positions and drop when they're not being listened to.
Trouble is getting a critique - just doesn't happen and it isn't really for that anyway.
Can take a while to get established enough there for people to subscribe and listen to your stuff regularly.
Myspace ( is similar; still without the critique, but also no means of appreciation.
Unless someone cares enough to spare their time and comment but then it's usually to puff you up.
Not exactly critique.

Hope this helps.

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Old 2008-11-02, 02:22
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ditto on the rap hiphop, I just can't begin to understand it all even a bit, though I've heard powerful numbers occasionally that moved me.

I've heard your music before, and liked it so much. I'm listening to the full page now. Like listening to so many others, I'm in awe of your powers. I still long for the day that I make that "breakthrough" and can make the really complicated music I know I should be able to. I can make the feeling and the power, but its so horribly simple compared to yours and others, you all put sooo much work into your visions. I'd have to admit that some of your more evolved and complicated works get a little brain tiring a bit (sorry, hate to diss such fine work, but ya know music is supposed to please, and I'm only talking about like two songs, the rest I can't get enough of). Some of your simpler forays into other realms are very pleasing. Very. Excellent, outstanding work. Some 9.9's in there, and I reserve that for only the best. Something tells me, in other realms, you have made 10's before. Again, a pleasure to hear such competent work and to know ya and your finely preened bushy tail. Aah, and now you are taking me on a Jethro Tull trip...delicious- a 10! Don't know how many times I've seen them, a dozen or more, and always a huge band playing such complicted music in perfection. Like FZ's shows, Tommy Mars and George Duke, what masters of the keys. And Ruth Underwood, impossible skills. So many incredible musos I've been priveliged to witness.

But your comments made me go check my stats. Haven't done that in years. Wow! I done pretty good! Can't understand that With Jen hasn't done better, or As Tested or the Zappa thingee.

Have you heard Spock's Beard? So awesome! That's just great! Only wish the lyrics were more powerful, or towards the reverse, more compelling and poetic, like Jon Anderson - wise. But it's really cool that people like you and them and Progtronic are still making very fine, top level art rock and that uses todays' programming powers with such flourish and even wild abandon really not possible to be performed.
Old 2008-11-02, 09:45
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RedSkwirrell RedSkwirrell is offline
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Progtronic is my personal favourite of everyone I've found (so far) in these forums.
But, don't leave out my old bud Grumbleweed who writes in a similar vein but from a different branch.
He plays Ibanez guitars, rather than Gibson, but I do try not to hold that against him.
I'm sure he feeds the local skwirrells.

Thanks for your comments.
I wrote what I consider to have been 'good' songs for years, on guitar, in a band, and had even started getting some good offers. Unfortunately, an accident in 2005 left me unable to continue playing the same guitar style. I'm trying to learn how to do the same thing using my computer instead now. I don't actually like anything I've done sor far and most of it was just exercises to teach myself how to use different tools in Reason. I feel I'm getting closer but haven't finished anything new for months. And, if you think some of my other stuff was over-complicated..... (heheheh).

Yeah, when I wrote on guitar I would try to get things as simple as possible. The trouble with using Reason is that it's much easier to experiment and I do like finding harmonies (sometimes I even manage it!).

I wasn't a massive Zappa fan. I liked Joe's Garage. These days, I find I do like his son Dweezil's work and can't understand why he's not getting more recognition. Maybe it's just the days for that style have ended.

From what you say, it sounds like you might be getting writer's block. We all get it and have different ways for getting around it. My own is to get as far as I can with a track and finish it as much as I can and then edit on the transport. I can hear the pattern but not how it will sound (timing-wise) until I play it back. Some work, some don't. But I usually find something out of it. I think that is what leads to the wide variation in my stuff though. I'll have to learn to be more selective and ruthless in what I tag onto songs and what I start afresh with.

I still think of myself very much as a beginner, learning a new instrument, and years away from the first piece I might be able to enjoy myself. You'll find a lot of help on these forums. They're generally a generous bunch. But you'll find a lot more when you've registered your copy of Reason here as well.

Reason 6.01; Edirol PCR-M50; Medusa / Sennheiser headphones; Labtec PC speakers;
SoundBlaster XFi Extreme Music soundcard

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Old 2008-11-02, 10:24
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Originally Posted by RedSkwirrell View Post
But you'll find a lot more when you've registered your copy of Reason here as well.

You have already admitted that you know that I am a registered user of long standing, of ill repute or not.

This comment coming at this time is quite harsh.

It is now obvious I have been "Sprunged".

Maybe you should just point me to the "donate" button.

I promise you, I am here playing and giving, and should be doing much more important things elsewhere.

No, that's wrong, there is nothing more important than music. And art. And life. And joy. And presence. And film. And making.

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Old 2008-11-02, 20:20
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Ooop - sorry, I'd forgotten we'd been there.
I try and encourage a lot to register, if only to get the free downloads available.
Didn't mean anything by it, just an old boy trying to help (altzheimers and all that).

Reason 6.01; Edirol PCR-M50; Medusa / Sennheiser headphones; Labtec PC speakers;
SoundBlaster XFi Extreme Music soundcard

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