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Reason3.5 + m-audio ozonic = problems

I am having problems getting reason3.5 to be happy with a new ozonic keyboard/interface, though the problems are also happening in Live6, so i actually think the problem is with m-audio and the ozonic, not Reason. Still, I am posting here in case anyone else has had the problem and might be able to help with an answer.

I am running a 17" macbookpro Intel core2 duo, purchased Reason3.5, purchased Live6, all within the last few weeks and all up to date.

If I select the mac's audio outs both reason and live work fine. as soon as I switch audio out to the ozonic all sound stops (though the apps transports do not). The entire cpu slows to a crawl if I have Live use the ozonic's audio outs. The midi signals are also flake, and sometimes Reason saw controller information coming from the ozonic, other times it does not. There was nothing that changed between when it saw the midi and when it did not.

The only other thing I have connected to the mac is a firewire800 drive (lacie).

Has anyone else had problems with the ozonic? ANyone know how to make this thing work? I previously tried using the Ozonic with a g4 iBook and had nothing but problems, but that time m-audio assured me that it all worked with Intel macs. Personally I am not sure sure this is true.

ANy advice is appreciated, thanks! (this includes what 4in/4out+midi control surface i should exchange my Ozonic for when I return it to the store for the 2nd time!)

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Re: Reason3.5 + m-audio ozonic = problems

I found a reproduceable trigger for this problem, and it points to a bug in the m-audio driver.

the ozonic works fine unless you are using an external Firewire800 drive. If i boot with no FW800 connected then things work, if I boot with a LaCie Extreme d2 FW800 drive atttached then CoreMidi no longer sees midi from the ozonic, and the ozonic's audio out stops putting sound out.

This also happens if you boot with no FW800 attached, work in Live/Reason and everything works great, then you put the computer to sleep, attach a FW800 device, wake the CPU and go back to Live/Reason; the Midi is gone and audio too.

Kind of sucks, considering the ozonic only has one FW400 port, so it has to sit at the end of a FW400 daisy chain, and since Mac laptops only have one FW400 port, that guarantees that any external data you want to use has to be daisy chained. I got the FW800 drive specifically because of this, so that the ozonic could have the FW400 port all to its self.

I have let m-audio know about the bug.

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