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Old 2007-02-17, 07:31
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Random Trigger Problem w/NN-XT and MIDI Drums

I just bought the Alesis DM5 kit and had a trigger problem with the NN-XT. The NN-XT would only trigger randomly even though the MIDI and "Note On" lights would light up with every hit. I spent hours trying to figure out the problem and now have an easy solution. The reason it triggers a random sample is because the DM5 note duration is not long enough for the NN-XT to to play the sample but is just long enough for you to see midi activity. The super simple solution for this is to download a free MIDI utility program called MIDIPipe. MIDIPipe is Mac OSX only but I'm sure there is a similar Windows MIDI utility program. You can use this program to add a 10ms duration to the note and now my electronic drum set works perfectly!

Old 2007-02-17, 09:05
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Re: Random Trigger Problem w/NN-XT and MIDI Drums

thats a good bit of knowledge. Thanks for the post.

Just a question though. Did you try to set the release time on the amp to the max in the NNXT?

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