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Create a drum kit Combinator

I'd like to create a set of drum samples (bassdrum, snare, etc.) and looking for the best way to realize that. I like the ReDrum drum computer, because he's got automatic touch sensity and a channel for every loaded sample. But there is a problem: He's got only 10 channels. I need at least 14. So I've created a 14line mixer and a second ReDrum and mapped the ReDrum channels on the mixer. Now, if I press any key on my MIDI piano (key C1 - A#1), only the first ReDrum machine plays the sample. The second recieves a mute signal (MIDI key range C1 - A#1). My questions are:

1. Where can I define if a MIDI key signal is "mute" or "play" (or is that a hardcode implementation in ReDrum?)

2. Is there a second way to get a good "drum sample player"? I've already had a look at NN-XT sampler, but it seems that it is much more complex than the ReDrum way. :-)

Thank you!
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Re: Create a drum kit Combinator


Honestly what you are trying todo sounds harder than learning to use the nn-xt, i think you'd find out that the nn-xt really isn't all that hard.

specially since there alot of just standard nn-xt individual sounds that come with reason for the individual drums, i'll try and explain a simple way of loading up different samples in nn-xt (the way i know howto) I'm by no means an expert.

lets start with just the snare...

load up an empty nn-xt, click on the little arrow to expand the sample library in nn-xt. now click on the little icon to load a sample (not a nn-xt patch, but a single sound sample in the sample library for that nn-xt device), browse to the reason folder, the reason sound bank, into nn-xt, drums (forgive me if i'm not super accurate on the description but i'm at work) find the individual patches, and find a snare you like and click ok. Now you'll see the .wav/.aiff/.whatever loaded into the sample library.

Now to attach the sample to a key, if you have a good working knowledge of your keyboard, or a m-audio 49e like me your key's are marked for each octave, so like lets use C1 on your keyboard. So highlight the sample in nn-xt and on the keyboard in nn-xt drag each side of the bar under the keyboard display until you have the sound isolated on C1 on the keyboard. Now basically you have that single snare sample assigned to the C1 note on your keyboard. the only other thing to note is the "root" note, you need to move the root note dial to the same note as your sample that's assigned, so move the dial till the root note is stuck also on C1, now the note won't be transposed to a different note. one last thing, the sample will attempt to play but will sound like it's cut off before it finishes.. that's because the pre-amp out dial (i think it's called that, again sorry at work... it's one of the dials all the way to the right... if you click and hold on it it's preset to .60ms which is WAAAY to short to play out a drum sample) just raise that up to how long the sample is you loaded, or in the general area... (a quick way to see how long your sample is is highlight the sample, click on the open icon again, it will have the sample highlighted in the sample browser and it shows you right there the length of the sample, so just click cancel then go back and set your dial high enough to allow the sample to play out. Look at some of the other dials, like levels and what not if you want to change the levels of that played sample.

now if my directions were too botched then you should get the snare sound when you hit that key

"but sethro! i want different levels of sound for how hard the key's are pressed!" have no fear, enter in the "velocity" dials.. i'll try and explain what i know:

so right now you have a single sample of a snare loaded, keyed to C1, and if you notice the velocity dials, is set to play the sample between velocity 1 and 127. so.... say you wanted a different sounding snare, or even a differnet drum if you hit the key harder... well then take that first sample, set the velocity to high end to end sooner than 127... imagine it as a scale the harder you hit the key the higher it's going to register on the velocity scale (up to 127, i like to think of it as one of those county fair "strongman" meters, where you hit the big hammer on the pad and it raises up and hits the bell at the top... sort of a silly thing to think about, but hey it worked for me to visualize what i'm doing with the velocity) so set it to say 67, now in theory your sample that you loaded will only play when they key is hit from velocity 1-67, if you hit the key harder than 67 it will play ... well nothing right now, BUUUT if you were to load a differnt sample and set THAT sample on the SAME key, SAME root note, but change the velocity to START at 68 and go to 127 Wala! you have a velocity sensitive key... now that's using only 2 different samples on 1 key.. but you could load up 10 different sounds on the same key if you wanted to and have them all "trigger" at different velocities. (or simply have the same sample loaded on the key mulitple times with different output levels for loudness.... groovy) i know it sounds sort of complicated, but believe me you WANT to get used this, cause it really opens up what you can do with the nn-xt, expecially with drums. hell with any sound really.

man this is a long post, can you tell i'm bored at work? anyways if any of this doesn't make sense or you have a question ask reply back and i'll try and share the knowledge i've gleaned.

HAVE FUN, sethro

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