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audio recording in recycle

GBathgate2 is correct if you won't add audio recording to Reason then add it to Recycle, Propellerhead check out the Roland MV8000/8800 now you expect people to sell that for all what it does now take notes, 8 tracks of audio recording and editing, midi out, auto chop for chopping up samples and spreading them to keys or drum pads record on input funtion FL does that bar count in fucntion every sequencer does that this just some of the things Reason don't do. Now reason with me, you guys supposed to be musicians right, you know what the up to date hardware can do these days reason to me is comparable with your average studio rack except you can visiulize what you are doing even a real rack studio you can add (key word) "different" synths and samplers. you guys said that you didn't want Reason to be like a beefed up cubase many people probably won't sell thier hardware because you have not given them a real reason to do so. some just mentioned above. I will Sell my hardware if you guys add audio recording and editing to Reason, so we all can add vocals or live guitar parts ect, add recording to Recycle, precount in recording, recording on input, midi out, you mentionded that 3rd party VST DXI instruments could be unstable, thats true but the vst dxi protocol is stable its a virtual rack should I be able to exspand it with other synths and samplers besides the one's it came with. cubase is open ended Fl is open ended sonar is open ended projec 5 is onpen ended Reason closed system why buy it Reason would be great if it was open ended point made.

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