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Problem Redrum Pattern Lane

Many of my songs are made in reason 2.5. Now I wanted to work with 3.0 and I realized that many of my songs doesn't play correctly. Anyhow when the pattern lane of the redrum changes, the redrum doesn't start at step 1, it allways continues playing at 16 or 32 or 64 of the next pattern. In 2.5 it works good and starts at the beginning of the pattern. What can I do?
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Re: Problem Redrum Pattern Lane

I know it sucks, but the best I could suggest is "Copy to Track":

1. Select the Redrum pattern you want playing at each point of the song.

2. Move the Left & Right Loop Locators to the start & stop point within the song where you want them.

3. Right click on the Redrum and select "Copy to Track" from the drop down menu.

I know this is tedious, but I can't quite figure why your drum patterns won't translate from R2.5 to R3. Hope someone else can help you figure that out.

Good Luck and 'Happy Pasting'!! ;(
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Re: Problem Redrum Pattern Lane

: Some things that I have found for drum patterns not starting at the right points or from the beginning of your track are if you happen to have a midi on message being read by the sequencer before the beginning of the measure that you want to start at.

I.e. if you want the drum pattern to start at bar number 1 of your track make sure that snap the first note on message to the first bar. To make sure that you are at the first bar, open up the edit window for the pattern your want to edit and make sure that it is starting at the very first bar.

You might also want to check to see if the master volume controls on your Redrum machine mixer are up or if they are automated to be at a reduced volume up to a certain point. You can do this by looking at knob or slider when you play the track and see if they are surrounded by a green line and also by going to the edit window in the sequencer, clicking on the evelope icon on the top tool bar and then showing the evelope.

Another thing you can do is check your loop points. If you have opened the track and the patterns are opening at a point other than bar 1 it could be because they are snapping to your loop points. Set your loop to start on bar one and then see if they will start correctly.

If all else fails, you can always manually drag the pattern back to bar 1 and see if that works.

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