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Old 2007-10-12, 22:35
wangyuechao wangyuechao is offline
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review:All reason Synthesizer sound high end!

some person post review say that some instrument of reason sounds NOT as good as some others,so i did some test with my new monitor to prove....

you can not try preset patch sound,then judge a synthesizer sound good or not!a well craft sound design will cover up the truth to your I just do some simple test to 3 sound key pointsc aliasing---amp dynamic---filter sweep,each one without other element to effect sound

test not include sound shape ablility,that is another subject
1)osc sina wave aliasing:
*native instrument absynth 3 release with new feature - aliasing reduce can use the switch on osc turn on/off,this is a visible sound chenge between analog(on)& digital(off)
*subtractor is oldest synthesizer of reason since v1.0
by face to face compare osc sina wave of absynth & subtractor(all filter off),subtractor sina as clean as absynth aiasing reduce on----even in 44.1k
*i also test other synthesizer from NI's massive\Pro53 and thor---all get pure sina.

I just want to say:NI have established quality on the earth.reason do same thing since v1.0, think about what time is it!(people complain propellerheads never give us improved sound engine!haha)

by only one osc on:
*massive have best dynamic(it is loudest)
*thor sound weak a little(just little) to massive (turn osc\amp gain fully & master vol fully! thor is+6DB & have no idea about massive becauce no vol. display)
*subtractor as good as thor(even louder,in fact---brighter!because thor analog osc sound more anolog)
*pro53/absynth is ...women!!!

by more osc:
*massive still loudest & so does thor
*pro53 get a amazing FAT sound:two osc but 5 wave mix together and nature detune of osc design
*poor subtractor!thin sound even!!! do not lost DB but thin!
: (
is not result of poor osc modeling,it is the matter of structure design:just balance parameter between osc1/2(i don't know how subtractor mixer work inside,but it does not fat the sound) with mono out-put!!! i think you can use it for lead or bass...mono sound.for layered patch:just 2x 3x subtractor put in comb.two of osc do extend sound shape ablility,but it's not monster synthesizer way like massive does! think about those Roland SH or nord lead things,this kind of beauty sounds like sword cut the air!!

3)filter(only use one)
how could you talk about the filter of a synthesizer,that is their soul!there isn't standard of good/not! or maybe minimoog is standard!but nothing sound like a minimoog!unless an other minimoog himself! I am not a rich man and there isn,t any gear store sale moog not by internet order in CHINA,i only have chance to play a moog LITTLE PHATTY once in a Hongkong instrument store.
choose saw wave,rising the filter reso to hign enough but not self osc,turn cut-off from low to high freq,
i am in heaven!

*subtractor:little giant!without changeable routing ablility and self osc, but filter sound brilliant! too much details srrounded my ear from low freq to high.
*thor:as good as subtractor with a lot of new feature,maybe you can nit-pick ladder mode do not moog enough---who care!no one can!unless you buy a real moog or a "Arturia V" : )
*ALL 3 NI thing made me disappointed!not to say they are bad!just depressed!
absynth have more than 1/100000 number change of cut-off,but sounds so so!maybe i'm a deaf!
*massive also...depressed no matter 12 or 24,and funny thing is cut off parameter from 85/100 to 100/100 with high reso no effect change at all!? is that the freq high enoungh to over 20k I can not hear it?? he he! only last two filter mode of massive:acid & draft sound good as reason stuff!
*pro53 filter sound have deep presonality but I don like(i like pro53 osc)!maybe modal on hardware elder! i I have no idea because i never hear real thing!

I don't mean NI thing not good!but think about price!each one can almost buy a REASON(recently lowwer!)souldn't it sound better more than subtractor!in fact.....

NI synthesizer have diffrent design goal:all of them is function madness!!absynth is not best for musical play but for sound design.massive sound deadly!whatever,my CPU has already dead!this monster eat too much cpu power,my 1ghz power book G4,only ONE NOTE with one osc one filter no other modulation use 60-70/100 cpu power! I would rather buy expensive Virus TI,cause buy a powerful computer only use one synthesizer,why not try Virus.

reason synthesizer sound not cheap as it's price,they are made for musician with high end sound quality,at least as good as NI.

those suspectful guys,shut up please!

write by wangyuechao
copyright by CHAOS sound co.

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