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Old 2008-02-11, 23:14
incogneato incogneato is offline
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Which feature is most important to you!?

So theres a lot of a ideas floating around, but we don't know which one people want most. I have searched through many pages of the most popular ideas and made this list. Please vote for your favorite features by simply putting the number in front of of the feature and how important it is to you. If it is not important to you, do not include it.

Each level of importance is worth some points. Simply reply with total of FOUR features and their level of important (use the same terms as I did below). I will tally up the scores after I see that the thread has died when everyone has voted. If your choice is not listed simply replace the number with your feature request.

This is my vote:

2. Extremely Important, 1. Very Important, 15. Important, 8. Somewhat Important

1. Audio lanes/audio device and editor (integrated ReCycle?) that is fully routable and tweakable with simple drag and audio clips. Allows for timestretching, etc.

2. Recording device that is fully routable and tweakable and allows for live manipulation and recording of your voice and sounds.

3. Advanced/modular combinator with many assignable knobs.

4. Surround sound support.

5. Ability to stretch rack horizontally, or other view based upgrades.

6. Native 64 bit support.

7. Upgrades to current devices including more automation options, cv inputs and outputs, routing capabilities, new knobs and features, and more.

8. Advanced Mixer with collapsable sections, more FX sends, and advanced EQ for each channel.

9. More customization, control over defaults, and interface upgrades for the app, including the options in preferences section, removing popup alerting of no MIDI device, etc.

10. Multi-core support.

11. Patch randomization for all devices.

12. Completely new devices like an Advanced Delay, Bit Crushers, etc.

13. VST mode which allows for VST plugins but loses stability and such.

14. Video lane

15. High resolution Step sequencer lane/device
Old 2008-02-12, 00:48
presiato presiato is offline
Join Date: Jun 2007
Posts: 93
speed and efficiency

The thing that Reason has done that other music apps don't is it was fast and efficient. This advantage made all the other issues not as important and was a unique advantage of Reason.

Unfortunately, it is no longer that way on the PPC platform for version 4. You can add all the features you want, but because of the performance issues, none of that matters, at least as far as my workflow is concerned.
Old 2008-02-12, 02:07
incogneato incogneato is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
Posts: 33
Re: speed and efficiency

: No offense but PPC is an outdated platform. While efficiency is good, personally, I don't really think developers should waste time making things ultra efficient when they can use that time making better changes or additions. Brand new Core2Duos can be found for 50 bucks and 4GB of RAM for the same price these days. There's really no excuse for needing ultra efficiency anymore, with 64 bit computing. And I do understand you have a Mac but you knew customizing your hardware wasn't an option when you chose to buy one.

You could just vote for Dual-Core support and 64 bit support and Reason would never be power hungry ever again. :P

But please guys, let's stick to just choosing the Features I listed as opposed to starting a discussion! Thanks
Old 2008-02-12, 06:04
dinerdog dinerdog is offline
Join Date: Apr 2001
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Re: Which feature is most important to you!?

: 9. If this includes customizable key commands and screensets, then this is the ultimate wish for me. I'm mainly a Logic user, but LOVE the sounds and browser in Reason, but I NEED to make my own key commands & screensets to be as fast as I want to be. It could be as simple as assigning the +/- buttons on my keypad to scroll through programs so there isn't so much mouse clicking.
: 10. Important
Old 2008-02-12, 11:35
djxhale djxhale is offline
Join Date: Mar 2004
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Re: Which feature is most important to you!?

For me:

#1 - 12. including the MClass Frequency analyzer!!!

#2 - 7. including a improved NNXT with timestretch-functionality and so on...

#3 - 8. would make life easier

#4 - 10.

#5 - 9.
Old 2008-02-12, 11:52
marc64's Avatar
marc64 marc64 is offline
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Re: Which feature is most important to you!?


I say, Audio tracks and modular combinator AND that ALL!!! knobs on nnxt is automation recordable

Old 2008-02-14, 01:10
ssilk ssilk is offline
Join Date: Dec 2004
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Re: Which feature is most important to you!?

I think for the kind of music I make or want to make. So I would choose:

15. - definitly need that stuff

12. - I would like a time/note-streching device
1. + 2. - I think there is not much difference between that.

Instead of 10. and 6. I would prefer a mode for 1. and 2. which enables to record a midi-lane as audio. A device like a combinator, which greps all outgoing sound and once recorded, it switches off all devices inside and replace them with audio.
Old 2008-02-19, 19:06
presiato presiato is offline
Join Date: Jun 2007
Posts: 93
forced choice surveys, analysis

: But please guys, let's stick to just choosing the Features I listed as opposed to starting a discussion! Thanks

The problem with those sorts of forced choice surveys though is they are designed from the outset to present misleading results. At the end, you will have a set of rankings for a set of features that perhaps are not important to many people, but you can claim that #1 on the list was 'the most important feature', never mind that it was forced choice and in an open survey might not even show up at all.

For example, here's a phone survey you might get:

Which should the president do first?
- Require biometric national id cards to elimination terrorism
- Require biometric national id cards to eliminate illegal immigration
- Require biometric national id cards to stop crime
- Require biometric national id cards to stop predators from working at day care centers
- Don't want national id cards because you are a terrorist, criminal, molester, or other reason

Good news, the survey shows 90% of people want biometric id cards to be allowed to travel or work and the rest are all terrorists, criminals, molesters or such things.

Anyway, no need to continue this, but I just wanted to make the point that in a forced survey like you are doing, you can't conclude that your results will mean anything other than your own personal preferences and do not represent a community consensus.


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