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Progtronic is my personal favourite of everyone I've found (so far) in these forums.
But, don't leave out my old bud Grumbleweed who writes in a similar vein but from a different branch.
He plays Ibanez guitars, rather than Gibson, but I do try not to hold that against him.
I'm sure he feeds the local skwirrells.

Thanks for your comments.
I wrote what I consider to have been 'good' songs for years, on guitar, in a band, and had even started getting some good offers. Unfortunately, an accident in 2005 left me unable to continue playing the same guitar style. I'm trying to learn how to do the same thing using my computer instead now. I don't actually like anything I've done sor far and most of it was just exercises to teach myself how to use different tools in Reason. I feel I'm getting closer but haven't finished anything new for months. And, if you think some of my other stuff was over-complicated..... (heheheh).

Yeah, when I wrote on guitar I would try to get things as simple as possible. The trouble with using Reason is that it's much easier to experiment and I do like finding harmonies (sometimes I even manage it!).

I wasn't a massive Zappa fan. I liked Joe's Garage. These days, I find I do like his son Dweezil's work and can't understand why he's not getting more recognition. Maybe it's just the days for that style have ended.

From what you say, it sounds like you might be getting writer's block. We all get it and have different ways for getting around it. My own is to get as far as I can with a track and finish it as much as I can and then edit on the transport. I can hear the pattern but not how it will sound (timing-wise) until I play it back. Some work, some don't. But I usually find something out of it. I think that is what leads to the wide variation in my stuff though. I'll have to learn to be more selective and ruthless in what I tag onto songs and what I start afresh with.

I still think of myself very much as a beginner, learning a new instrument, and years away from the first piece I might be able to enjoy myself. You'll find a lot of help on these forums. They're generally a generous bunch. But you'll find a lot more when you've registered your copy of Reason here as well.

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