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progressive house....

hi, some one can help !!??? what is the bpm for progressive house, some can give some help to make a progressive house beat !!?!?! thankss
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Im not too shure on bpm. I would guess from 132 up to 138 Bpm?!
Electro House sits at about 128, 130, Hard House 136 upwards, Tech House can also vary from 128 up to 136.

But one good advice i can suggest for you, is:

Find a Loop, or sample a bit from an mp3 or vinyl with the drum parts only, or at laest where the drums are very well heard in the mix (maybe even with bass, but not too much going on)
Listen to it and try to really focus on what is hitting where (Kick wil obviouslly sit on 1,4,8 and 12, but even so, may have the first one beeing hit harder than the second, to try and create variation) Lot of artists also like to layer sounds, IE: use different Kicks with a slight different sound to them, to create an overall more punchy sound.

Back to what i was trying to say.

Once you have that loop, convert to wav if needed and import into Reason in a NN19.
Once in the NN19, go to the sequencer and draw the midi data untill it plays full.
Play and loop over and over with the Click on.
This way you will be able to see what tempo the beat is, because the loop will sound out off time, so you will need to adjust Reason's tempo until the beat feels about right in tune with the tempo you have set in Reason (PS have the Click sound on whilst doing this)
Once you managed to detect the tempo has accuratelly has you think, start trying to recreate what you hear.
Create a Redrum and try to program exacly what you are hearing. This is by far the best way to learn how to program drum patterns. Not only is it really satisfying when one achieves it to almost perfection, but this way you also learn what is doing what in the soundscope of the drumloop, like percussion, hats, the different sound panning (has in left or right), snares, etc...
Once you have a certain section nailed, redo the same for other parts where the song may vary, like fills, or little extra drum instrumentation is introduced.
Otherwise you may try to find something online, but i guarantee you that this technique will teach you more than just by copying or using a patch someone gives you.
Hope this helps a bit.
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just a quick update on the above. the 4/4 bass will hit on the 1, 5, 9 and 13

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Thank you, lol... Funny 4/4 i created there... Been doing too much Breaks
Thanx for the correction.
Great advice im giving here lol...

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and use some ambient, flashy pads---staccato (sp?) style and/or the RPG-8!

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