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License Question


I've read that I can put my copy of Reason on two computers but I'm unclear about if I need to transfer the license over or not. I'm interested in using Reason in a college lecture I'm giving in three weeks on my spare laptop then reverting back to solely my studio computer. What is the process of transferring licenses like? Is it complicated or pretty simple and fast? Or do I even need to transfer a license?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Yes you can.

You can install Reason on two machines. Eg Laptop + Desktop. The Registration process is the same both times... You do not transfer anything because you have the registration documentation, and this lets you install on it on two PC's.

Transfering - is if a person no longer uses Reason and then transfers in the software to somebody else. Then they own the software and the former user does not. The buyer of Reason Software must always have the registration documentation.
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Awesome. That answers everything I needed.


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