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Old 2009-05-17, 16:41
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Originally Posted by phasys View Post
Uhm no, they don't "need" to do that at all. If you want to use VST, then use a VST-able program. There are already many out there.
I wonder why some people sound so selfish.
How could you ask a Props Fan "If you want to use VST, then use a VST-able program and There are already many out there"?
Do you just think Propellerheads products are meant for you alone?
Do you just think Propellerheads products are meant for only one type of music?
Do you just think Propellerheads products are meant to be class as an amateur products?
What do you think Propellerheads products are meant for?

I thought by now a lot of people (Pros and Amats) are thinking to see Propellerheads products not only as a DEPENDANT software but also as an INDEPENDANT group of softwares that can do full Project Works without other DAWs involve.
The features suggested for the coming almighty REASON and RECORD, has been a very big issue most especially VST & AU plugins for RECORD. It is actually time for Propellerheads to take the shine in the industry by not limiting the Power of RECORD to just ordinary recording and even the name RECORD is already or some how a limitation to it's power. i suggest it's better called REASONABLE and NOT RECORD because it is a combination of Reason and it.

If the product is designed by Popellerheads and i can make my Beats with REASON, record audio (vocals/sound) & mix entire project project with most tools/support required for professional production with RECORD,
then it is pointless migrating between Reason/Record and another DAWS but still this shouldn't stop those who are married to their favourite DAWs as the Rewire feature(s) still in place.
Peaople should think of seeing REASON & RECORD as Great, Versertile and Flexible Music/Sound Production Software that brings optional choice and not limiting the way music is made.

Propellerheads, you are the maker and we are the user. You don't design a product for your self but for the Users and moreover you should know by now that "no user no Propellerheads". Always remember, that the market is yours but the power to dominate and expand is in your hand. It will be better to listen to the entire Musicians, Producers and Engineers who uses your product and also have something to say.
That way we all can make REASON and RECORD Legendary Music/Sound Production Software of all time.

It may have sound or appear to you like am crazy but remeber "in the word of Steve Bounce lies the truth".

Regards to every Reader,
Steve Bounce.

For VST/AU plugins and Harware Sound Modules support.
Best thing to do is to goahead with the way RECORD is designed but sit back and write or design a seperate Patch/Engine that act as a THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE (can be called Incorporator) CARRIER/SUPPORTER which can be installed and uninstall at any time base on choice and need of the user.

We are only trying to make sure Propellerheads get it completely right and if you are True Reason Fan please do not miss the chance of making RECORD the greatest software of it's kind.
i advice you join the train............. now!!!
It will be very nice of you if you can add to this suggested features and if not please, do support the campaigners.

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