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Old 2009-10-20, 01:33
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Knob twisting is always an interesting subject.......

In Reason/Record just now you don't twist the knobs, they all work by up/down, so this isn't a biggie really.

What does concern Me a little, although this will surely become a moot point by the time this kinda thing becomes heavy mainstream is the resolution of the control that you would get, keeping in mind that already a lot of controls in Reason, Delay MS time for example, have really high resolutions, 2000 and more. which is set over the same space as something that would normally be 128.

It's easy to say have a "shift" function somewhere, but keep in mind that these resolution numbers are only going to get higher and higher on the software, and if you preset the sensitivity for one application, you could then have to change it back on the fly, within a live situation.

Don't get Me wrong I applaud the technology upgrades, but keeping things at the professional level may start to require huge CPU intensive control maps which take aeons to set up properly, which will require bigger and bigger updates and thus bigger and bigger CPU clock rates.

It's a brilliant idea, but I think we're a bit further from a realistic fruition within the realms of the professional, I'm no professional of course, but I do get a warm glow from knowing that My gear is.

Old 2009-10-20, 01:56
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Yes, I agree.

I want it to be useful and as natural to use as "real hardware" but I'm still a bit skeptical about what's going to be known as mainstream multi-touch.
The implementation won't get as near as the quality one gets with the technology made available by the likes of Jeff Han.

I'm anxious to be proven wrong, though

BTW, I've seen a video somewhere of a known artist using Reason on a big interactive-board (a projection screen with gesture detection, I'm guessing through a camera) and he was using Reason in a multi-touch way, changing various reMIX's faders on-screen.
I can't remember who he was and how to search that video, though ...I think it was some kind of presentation he was doing in a small class or something.
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