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Old 2009-10-23, 14:58
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Post Reason 5.0 Beta+Innovations: Request is ledge us Propellerhead!!

Hello to you all brain yacks, the big reason i´m doing Music Today was my experimentation of loads of software, hardware and sampling. Electronic Music needs in Todays MI (music industry) to not flud the market with flawless ideas and there are alot and different kinds of music software and ways to control it.
And in my todays setup i needed to simply fly. After along time watching Propellerhead Reason as a piece of software, i have decided to unload my PC-Windows XP pro of the un-matched and oustragious well sounding software, has Halion 3.5 sampler, X-phraze, Predator, Cubase and others even the mastering tools.
to dedicate my prime time to Propellerhead Reason 4.01, with the passage of the time i started to leak because of the need of Power Hypersampled samples (i started sampling in cubase from an hardware device Yamaha-RS7000), a few months later i had accomplished a task hypermultisampled 24bit, prestine sound for use with samplers in Propellerhead Reason 4.01, in the market behind Reason there alot of stuff also Mans like us all that work every day in this topic of sampling and made the wonders of actually put reason singing an Multisampled MOOG synth in a production, i mean NN-XT and NN-19 make wonders when playing some well recorded samples, Analog Sound and drum kits the Best of Reason till Now. The hability of had several pre-Comb, EQs, reverb fx, side-chainning hability etc. IDEAS, IMAGINATION and ART. But the best of it is yet to come, everyone knows that we are in the age of knowledge and let it be ledge to us all, and i think that´s not enougth, today´s MI let the Mobile Tech in to the market and they already have the Digital music with them, VSTI interfaces yeah, digital synth software every where to every one (extremely well sounded software to new digital age mobile), and REASON users have been ledge to Analog yet, i think all the Reason users should not stop and keep asking for more because we want more, since the time we choose Propellerhead Reason and our ultimate weapon to present the MI with our Musical Dots and why´s.
Nothing more to ask:
Propellerhead Staff and users, please let´s ask for some new Pieces of Virtual Hardware but this time more Digital more Classic Digital, more soundy and Fresh, dynamic and theoric or technical. We diserve to be ledge into the future also as we choose you Propellerhead to be with us !!!

Reason is my Musical Instrument and i´m proud of it!!
Old 2009-10-23, 15:23
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The Task was not Re-done, well watch it as a "Instrumentalist looses the main instrument" or "the instrumentalist have been stoolen and loose is main instrument",
Why should we think alot in new pieces of material (instruments), has all of us know the market keep fluded with millions of un-matched ideas, some of them really cool.
Well back in 1999 and 2004, there was an Audio Eng. called Peter Gorges that constructed the first Phraze synthsizer, that the basic function was Arpegiatted Audio Files that run the way you want them to Run, a sequencer with 64 steps, that worked with, each slot of the sequencer have one different sample shot and each one with his independent settings, full fill the 64 Cells choose the arpegiator run settings and voila, perfect machine for anormal running sequencies..
Or for a Big time example Magnus Lidström with his totally digital interface Synplant an simple an oustragious synthsizer with every thing you need.
The most difficult step to Propellerhead is to start as in all majors in MI.
Well Digitally speaking if Propellerhead had the possibility to integrate an oustragious new synth in Reason (we shoud not forget that modular possibilities is an huge step to every one and i´m not taken the modular connections out of it), why not integrate an extra-modular Rear rack (ins,outs,cv,seq,run,settings,etc) and an extremely easy and beautifull digital interface to ledge also the propellerhead Reason users in this new millenium age.
Old 2009-10-23, 17:14
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that is one scary website splash page! what's with the ceiling fan??

music at:

mixes are up at
theatrical sound design blog at

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