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Cool Record upgrade / redrum revamp!!!


I thought this out all night last night. There are a couple of REALLY COOL things that could be done for a future upgrade for BOTH, Reason and Record that would make them totally romp all over all of the DAW competition. is all based around using a revamped version of ReDrum as a dedicated Drum Editor for Record and possibly including ReDrum as a rack instrument included in Record without having Reason, (or maybe people will just have to buy both...)

If VST's like Superior Drummer 2.0 could be routed through ReDrum with the option to use that program's dedicated sample library then Record would contain the most dominant drum editor known to man!

Here are some additions that I came up with that I think would massively boost productivity for songwriters sketching out drum ideas using Record:

1) Give ReDrum an Independent Time Signature Feature that would allow whichever groove
that is currently selected to be quickly changed with a Signature Meter, like the one that controls the whole project.

(Ex: 5/4 could be changed to 3/16 by clicking on the top or bottom of the fraction.)

If a groove is selected Ex.(A2) it would default to whatever the last timing was and could easily be changed.

This would greatly boost creative sessions for those who would be programming beats that are poly-rhythmic and might not be in the same timing as the rest of the music in a Project.

The music could be in one timing with the main click and the beat could be programmed separately to another timing very quickly and would occasionally line up when it should with the main DAW click's music.

This feature could obviously be disabled/bypassed if someone didn't care to use it.

2) I do know that there is a step sequencer with the 16 squares and that there are the 4 options that let you go from 1-16, 17-32, etc.

But, coming from a drummer's perspective, scrolling through these four sub menus can be
frustrating when you have something in your head that is in an odd meter and you have to click around through all four of these sixteen beat sections in order to just find your preferred meter, when you could have the option to simply click on a time signature bar inside of the ReDrum sample engine itself.

If hardcore Reason users would rather use this, then they could simply disable the Independent Time Signature Feature in ReDrum.

3) All 4 rows of squares in each 16 beat section could have an option next to each of
them to make them all visible at the same time or not, making it easier to view selected beats being clicked on and therefore boosting creative work flow.

(Ex.) 1-16 View/Close
17-32 View/Close
33-48 View/Close
49-64 View/Close


4) As previously stated, there could be an added switch that turns on/off the independent time signature meter inside of ReDrum, giving the user the option to link the dedicated DAW time signature to all programmed grooves or not.

5) Here is my favorite idea for revamping ReDrum. Adding the option to be able to raise up or down the velocity of each square that can be clicked on for groove making

I'm not sure what the easiest way would be to implement this feature, perhaps something like a drop menu under each square. Digital Performer makes it pretty easy by letting you click on a square and just drag it up or down if you click on the adjust velocity section.

This would MOST DEFINITELY make ReDrum the BEST DRUM EDITOR EVER, because it would then have the ability to control subtle nuances and very easily view all squares at once.

I suppose the Red, Orange, Yellow options could be reverted to for die hard users that like this for quick velocity programming, but the overall velocity dragging of beats for ReDrum as a Drum Editor would be PHENOMENAL!!!

6) FINALLY...LAST, BUT NOT LEAST...a ReDrum Independent Groove Looper!!!

This is a button that enables a looper that will give you the option of what number of times to loop a selected groove in a sequence of up to 16 grooves that you have programmed to play in a chronological order. It is a quick way to eliminate tedious automation.

It could be implemented as a Drop Menu inside of ReDrum and when it drops down it gives you an individual number order for chronological loop attachment
Ex. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16

Each of these numbers would have a drop menu under them where you could select the desired groove to link it to in a chronological performance. (Ex. Click on the Number 1 - Select the groove A2-Type in Loop 2 times....Repeat this step by selecting the number 2-Select groove A3-Type in Loop 3 times...Click on the Number 3-Select groove A2 again-Type in Loop 2 times)

Now these grooves will be played in the order that you chose from 1 to 3 in the Independent Groove Looper and looped the desired amount of times

Sorry for writing a novel about Feature Suggestions...I just think that if these features were
added to Record through ReDrum that Record would be the BEST RECORDING SOFTWARE EVER!!!

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You can use the Matrix to individually control drum parts in the redrum each with different time signatures

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