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Lightbulb Akai APC40 with Record and Reason

Has anyone been able to make ALL the APC40 buttons / controls / faders mappable in Record and Reason?

I already know, its made for Ableton Live, and I own Live 8 too, but has there been much experimentation on this kind of setup?

If there's any downloadable presets, or any way to program the APC40 to work properly with Record and Reason please let me know.

I would really appreciate your help.

Note: The reason I ask the question, is that I've already encountered a problem with a lot of the buttons in general (LED buttons, solid buttons, arrow-pad buttons). They don't seem to send any MIDI recognizable signals to the software, as I've tried to "Learn..." the key when trying to map the Play / Stop / Rec buttons for example. Again, any help appreciated.
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From what I understand the controller cannot be used with other applications unless you have Max for Live which allows for you to completely re-layout the clip buttons and everything else, which comes out on Nov. 23rd I think. I could be wrong though. What exactly are you trying to use the controller for in Reason? I'm sort of curious.
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hmm, if you're right, I hope it won't be the only solution because that means it will depend on having Live running in the background WITH record and reason in order to gain all controls on the APC40. Hopefully its not the case!

The simple thing I'm trying to achieve, is to be able to use ALL of the APC40's buttons, faders, LED buttons and LED knobs.

It's irritating because too many of the buttons doesn't seem to pass through Record / Reason. My current tests so far shows that the following are unresponsive:
-All LEDs buttons in the 8 x 5 grid;
-All scene-launchers;
-All stop clips;
-The stop-all clips;
-Activators / Solo / Record-Arm;
-All Toggle buttons (pan, send-a, send-b, send-c, clip/track, device on/off, <-, ->, detail view, rec quantization, midi overdub, metronome);
-All 3 playback buttons (Play, Stop, Rec);
-Shift button, Bank Selector, Tap Tempo, Nudge -/+;

There is some that I probably overlooked, but thats already too many dead controls to attempt using this for Record / Reason... at least it seems at this time.

Plus, it doesn't seem like Akai made any software tool to modify any of the MIDI functionality. It's understandable, its been built for Ableton Live afterall - but it's a MIDI controller, and it should be generic enough to use it on other audio production softwares.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a solution for this soon.
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I'm jst going to say somwthing so we can keep this thread at the top....I'm sorry to hear that your not liking the apc 40 as much as I am. Like BW max for live will solve (if your up to making it yourself). Go ahead a download the beta version on the site and start playing with it. on the 23rd it's out in stores. There are already patches coming out it you have the beta version of max 5. You can change the way the apc 40 works. They already have a patch that imulates the monome functions (if you have not checked this out you might wish you'd bought this instead, and no I'm not a monome rep.) So I am hoping that because kids are already on the ball that we eventaully will be able to control alot more through the apc....(in the long run I want it to function as my mixer for djing (tractor serato torq) as well as be able to control other programs at the same time. Let me know what you find out cause I'm interested......
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From what i've read it seems like the APC40 goes beyond just a basic midi controller in terms of the intuitive way that it interacts with Ableton. Therefore, it's possible that the software is locked in certain ways rendering it unable to work well with outside programs. Max for Live is probably the only real solution to use it for other programs. I wouldn't worry too much though because someone will probably write a patch to allow for really, really cool things in the future. It was a great investment! Sometimes you just have to wait a bit for everyone to figure out how to really utilize it though. Max for Live isn't free but if you have Live8 it's probably worth the investment. You can also try contacting Ableton and they may have a solution for you. They have fairly decent customer support from what i've heard. Good luck.
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jst to let you guys no...jst got a lauch pad....have not gotten back to the lab yet..but it says that this has an "auto map function" that can work with all DAW's. AS far as the customer support from ableton. They have been jerking me around for three weeks....there CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS HORRIBLE, BUT THERE SOFEWARE IS BADASS....that is always the way it works...(NI, Waves are great exsamples) Because of there mistakes Io have not been able to re-register my software for three weeks which has meant that I can't save, export or demo max for live.

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I think the best way to have something like this in your live set: is to have two laptops one w/ ableton and the apc40 and the other with reason and a akai keyboard w/ all of the controllers mapped. This way you can have the best of both worlds plus have the processing power of two laptops and just use a simple hardware crossfader to fade between the two. I think it would be better to buy something that was made to control reason and not try to make the apc40 work with it, even though that might be cool if you could make it work... Let me know if you do and I would pay good money to have a map template if someone did.

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I have an APC40 myself. i tried it in other software (Traktor) with different templates, but have to addmit, its just made for Live, nothing else.
me & my friend have done livesets using Ableton + Reason ReWired, with the APC controlling Live & a second midi-keyboard controlling Reason.
i personally dont think the APC has the layout or functions i would want to use in Reason.

Besides that, if you see what Push now does with Live 9, i become to wonder if the Props could work together wit a hardware manufacturer to built a Midi-controller kindad designed for reason only...
Don't have much ideas myself, but a step-sequencer useable for ReDrum or Thor would be a must have on that
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id love to see a daw controller template for the apc40 and reason 7. Maybe I will write a patch using bomes and share.
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nektar panorama p4? :-) I can't wait til I can afford one :-)

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