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Loading MP3 files into Reason 4

Hi all

I've just bought Reason and have some mp3 sample files - does anyone know how I load these into Reason to use in the sequencer?

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Greetings to you!
you cannot load mp3's into Reason, however, you can load .wav files. (using either the nnxt or the nn19 sampler), with the browse sample button, (note! not the browse patch button) so if you have an mp3 you can just convert it into a .wav file and import!

there are free programs that do this (i use sc audio converter for example)

metal and vgm like stuff
and at your own risk
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I use Audacity which is free too
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Here's one for you:
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You cannot do this ... Just rex it!
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Originally Posted by Blaxroses View Post
You cannot do this ... Just rex it!
Let me guess... to make a REX file you need to convert the mp3 to a... wav-file first?
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Originally Posted by Blaxroses View Post
You cannot do this ... Just rex it!
You have a point.
If you own Recyle.
I do.
It's ace.
But you have to be special like me to make a Rex file.
I love Rex files.
They are very useful.
But Recycle needs to be fed a wav, not an mp3
so you still need to convert it to wav.
So saying you cannot do this is a bit daft.
cos you have to do it to rex it.
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poop poop i love poop and pee

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