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Originally Posted by d1g1talhc View Post

Filter: add some filter models like moog, oberhiem etc, make sure it is robust and has a HP filter (seriously why do wy not have a highpass filter after all this time?)

LFO (we have been asking for this forever) a stand alone lfo that has cv outs to connect to all the settings of the new and exsisting effects and synths. Having to load a whole syth just to use an LFO on another devise is messy and annoying. Reason is already modular so it does fit in with the ethic of the software.
the low pass ladder filter in thor mimics a moog filter. there are high pass filters in reason/record.

a device that serves only one purpose is a waste. thor's lfo capabilities are something that you need to look deeper into. it has a sequencer and mod matrix that is far more powerful than just a stand alone lfo could be. if it takes up too much space, fold the device.

if you take the time and read up on the devices, especially thor, you will find that most of these requests are already available.
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