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Old 2009-12-23, 02:08
TheUrbanMaestro TheUrbanMaestro is offline
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2 good sides of the medal - extra $$$ for the Props and Extra Hip Hop Flavour !!!


I just wanted to post my idea :

It would be great if you Props would implement a recycle type of sampler in Record or reason for the update price of the cost of recycle !
A new Hip Hop Addicted Device Flavour for Reason !!
And since you emulate all the Devices ( Which is genious !! ) a MPC 3000 copy is a must for the next Reason update !!!

and all the best
Phlexter / Berlin
Old 2009-12-23, 22:09
jlgrimes jlgrimes is offline
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I definitely think Reason/Record needs:

1. in-house sample chopping and looping (Recycle needs to be built-in).
2. Built in sample editor (to adjust sample start times, loop points, reverse audio, timestretch etc).
3. Loop tune calculator. This is easy to implement but most people don't know the length of a sample is affected by the semitones of the sample by the formula

(orig tempo)*1.0595^(semitone) = (new tempo)
3. Drag and Drop from sample editor or Clip view to sampler of choice
Old 2009-12-23, 22:13
gobobgo's Avatar
gobobgo gobobgo is offline
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I think that should be in the feature suggestion

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