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Old 2010-01-05, 23:22
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The big list of Propellerhead tutorials

I'm going to compile a list of FREE Reason and Record tutorials and websites to help new users get started and existing users dig a bit deeper. Please add to the list any websites that people should know about or any good YouTube tutorials and be sure to let me know about broken links or if you find a tutorial that is an improvement on any of the tutorials posted here. Enjoy!

Propellerhead Software
New to Reason?
The Sequencer
Rack Devices
CV Gate
YouTube Playlists
Other Tutorial Resources
Blogs and resources
Paid for tutorials
For ReFill and patch content go here.

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Old 2010-01-06, 15:56
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Old 2010-01-06, 16:49
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Red face

hey... thanks
Old 2010-01-06, 18:31
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My website is not free, but it is only $18 for just over 10 hours of Reason 4 video tutorials that can be watched online or downloaded to your computer.
The videos start with the very basics and then go through each device in Reason, so they are ideal for beginners.
Here is the site
Old 2010-01-07, 09:38
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It's stuck now :-)
Old 2010-01-07, 10:45
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Cool!!! What would us newbs do without the 'Experts' on this forum, Thanks Dioxide, Props and everyone else who contributed to this thread, cheers! ;-)

Old 2010-01-07, 10:52
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Great Idea, and sticky Awesome!
metal and vgm like stuff
and at your own risk
Old 2010-01-07, 13:03
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Cool idea! Will have a look later this evening.
Old 2010-01-07, 13:51
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Wow! Our first sticky! Kind of like the first time you.....never mind.........

Oh, and thanks for the list! Very helpful!
Old 2010-01-07, 14:52
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About timmeeeeeeeee! See, perseverance pays off.

This is the beginning of a new Era!!!
A new day is coming...

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