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Old 2010-05-14, 06:08
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The cure / Robert Smith "A Forrest" vocal effect in Record?

Anyone know how to achieve this kind of effect from the song "A Forest" by the cure? It seems to me like some kind of reversed reverb ? How is it done in Record?
Old 2010-05-14, 06:35
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How about a YouTube or something link with a 00:00 time mark where you're interested?
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Old 2010-05-14, 12:33
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slight hint of phaser, 3 step delay and reverse reverb preset on the RV 7000 should sort it, might need a bit of compresion
Old 2010-05-14, 16:12
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It's a lot of multi tape delay but I don't thing there is an actual hardware phaser, I think it might be a double tracked vocal which gives a natural phase effect.

The best place for multi tap delay in record is the rv7000
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