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Volume Control

Where on Reason 4 do you gradually increase the volume of for example an 8 BEAT LOOP?
On my songs all the new loops comin in my track are on full volume... and I dont mean the volume adjust dial.... I mean the volume gradually gets louder

I think it may be an effect but im not sure how to do it?

Anyone help
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Did you tried the Mastering Suite yet? Compressor, Maximizer.....and so on? Or did you only tried to rise the faders?

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Well tat depends on what you want to do.

First you could automate the Track Fader to fade in a section of track containing the loop

Second you could add a fade on the audio file itself in the track

Third you could automate the Master Fader which controls the volume of the whole track.

I think you could benefit from reading the manuals and then looking at broader reading and tutorials on mixing and recording.

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