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Smile First Reason made song - The Machine

Hi, just looking for a little feedback.

I made this over the last couple of days.

It's not fully complete as I'm going to add vocals in the future, but I'm lacking a mic currently.

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Quite impressive for a first track done on Reason. Have you been making tunes prior to Reason? Enjoyed the tune a lot. It's got a lot going. The layers and fx used was perfectly sound. Not necessarily mastering wise but a very enjoyable mix. the strings accompany the track very well. Nice work on the drums. Loved the ear opening lead intro. The intro however, did sound abrupt. Mastering, compression and eq still need work; lacking in mids and lows. Eq-ing and mastering can be quite difficult but you learn more and more in every new project. Enjoyed the track a lot because it was edgy and well structured. I'd probably like to remix this song some day (with your permission). Cheers.

Feel free to check out an old track I produced in Reason back in the days when I first started out. You might like it.
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Thank you! No I haven't made anything like this before. I've played music for a long time in bands, and recorded in a studio. I just got the itch to make something electronic. I'm pretty new to the mixing and mastering thing, there is a lot I don't know.

I do agree with your statement about the intro, it doesn't completely mesh with the rest of the song.

Once I get it completely finished I would have no problem with a remix

Thanks again for the info, and constructive critisim!

Oh, I thought your song "Break" was really good.
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The machine is very good. I like.
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Thank you very much.

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