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The Everlasting Feeling

I tried doing something more electronic and dancey this time, after wearing out my retro funk flute from too many uses.

I don't normally do dance music but I had a bit of luck with this one. I've no idea what genre you would call this.
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I dig it! Slick sounds all around. Occasionally I felt the synth chorus sound could do with more processing but aside from that very nice.

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Really nice work Adam. I'd have to agree with PJ about the chorus stuff - it is a bit subdued. Perhaps you can boost it a tad.

Def keeps the blood pumping!

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Hey Adam, nice work mate. def not what I'd expect from you but hey it works!


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I see what you guys mean about the subdued synth. Cheers everybody!
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I like the overall energy of the track! I think the vocoding works pretty well!

Cheers Adam,

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