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Mixing Cubase 5 projects in Record

Wouldn't it be fantastic to mix projects made in Cubase (5) in Record. To be able to dump the Cubase mixer, for instance, and use the "SSL"/Record one... I for one would jump at the opportunity. I run both (Cubase 5, Record 1.5/Reason 5), but do a fair amount of mixing of Cubase projects. It's no use transforming projects to mix them in Record... Oh well, may be some day someone will think of an easy way... Or maybe a Rewire-like tool???

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I use Logic and this would be great, I absolutely love the way Record sounds. There is an alternative coming very soon though.
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Yep, the Slate plugs could be a real alternative. I love, LOVE the sound of Record and I am not alone..

It's a real pity that the Record mixer can't be utilised as a Rewire master for streaming audio through it. This would open up so many new possibilities and Record sales would skyrocket.

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