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Yes, and TAGs are quite enough 5 29.41%
Yes but we need more than TAGs 7 41.18%
Yes but we don't need TAGs 0 0%
No, browsing works fine to me 4 23.53%
I really don't care... 0 0%
Yes but I would do it differently (Check my comments) 1 5.88%
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Old 2010-11-10, 16:18
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Post Better, more Agile Patch finding/categorizing system, please!

Sorry for "The Official" thing, but these "Official" threads trend make me giggle a bit.

EDIT: Title was «The official (yeah right) "We need a better Patch finding/categorizing system" thread»
changed to a less annoying «Better, more Agile Patch finding/categorizing system, please!»

Ok, on with the subject: It's been talked here many times about various solutions to help users quickly find the patches they're after.

Seeing other products browsing capabilities, genre and sound type filtering of patches, and how quickly one can find something out of TeraBytes of samples+patches, I'm starting to be a little "jealous" of that ease of use available today (and for a while now) on other apps.

I'm not asking for a new ReFill format, since that wouldn't help the non-ReFill based patches and sample files.

I'm asking for an hybrid tag based system possible to use with existing ReFills, Patch and Sample files, maybe through a <filename>.tag addon file that lives side-by-side with any of the ReFill (it should work both outside or inside the ReFill if it supports the inclusion of those .tag files, to keep them "together" with the ReFill), Patch and Sample files, or/and a large generic default.tag file, that keeps importing whatever single <filename>.tag files it finds (I'm thinking of patch, sample and refill producers that would add their own official "factory" TAGs when releasing their products)

The important thing to this TAG idea is that, besides using the "official" tags, the user could add their own on top of the ones provided by the refill producers, to better customize their organization setup, while still having access to the basic default classification the original author of the patches.

This user appending of Tags would also come in handy where no tags existed (older ReFills, Patches, etc)

Adding to this, patch/sample browsing really needs some indexed cache pre-loading at the app start, and using a low-priority background process of refreshing that index/cache to keep it as up-to-date/synced as possible to what's really on-disk.

Bottom line is, we really need a reavaluation on the way we find'n'load patches'n'samples.

If Drag'n'Drop from the OS file system was implemented, this wouldn't be as critical for non-ReFill based files, because we would be using existing OS tools to find and pick the correct file to drop on the rack or device.
(This wouldn't solve the ReFill browsing, unless drag'n'dropping a ReFill into the Rack would automatically open that ReFill browsing window).

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