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Nefertiti Arrangd by David Akkerman

Here is a Wayne Shorter cover called Nefertiti I did playing my Gretsch and Ibanez bass. I found the heaviest flat wound strings I could find to get the tone I was looking for on my guitar.
the drums are a fabulous REX set I found at I know this style isn't exactly what anyone here at Propellerhead wrights, but its what I do. Can't be helped.
Feedback about the production would be appreciated.
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Perfect production for me. The drums sit nicely in the pocket and I agree, the sound is fabulous. One of my all-time favorite sax players. Very beautiful arrangement David. Congratulations.
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Who doesn't want this style of music???????? I'd love to be able to play like that, would do my music a world of good.

If you hadn't told me the drums were canned I probably wouldn't have even wondered.

Sounds great. Only comment is that for me sometimes low-mid/high-bass seems to lump up a bit.

Loverly (and for the BS Gretch too)

Benedict Roff-Marsh
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I enjoyed this..... appreciate real musicians. the feeling you can insert to a single note can simply NOT be done with the piano-roll pencil tool.

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I'm a huge Wayne Shorter fan and you have done a great job. Funny that you would think this doesn't fit on the forum for I believe the standard here is - good is good, no matter what the genre!

Well done David,

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Thanks everyone. I'll keep playing.

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