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Ned Rush presents StepLooper.

download StepLooper by Ned Rush. a beatrepeater style effect for reason and record that refreshes the loops in musical measures determined by the refresh rate rotary. plug something into it like a drum loop, assign your keyboard to the combinator and press the white keys on your midi keyboard (c0 to b0) to hear the effect. great for creating rhythmic variations to your tracks.

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Thanks a mill, Ned!
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Will this work with the typing keyboard. I combined an octorex loop withe the steplooper, and tried it on the typing keyboard, and nothing happened. If there was anything I missed, please let me know. Thanks.
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it should work, but i wouldnt actually combine the rex player with the combi itself, i'd just run it into its External Input on the back. make sure you have the right octave and that the main transport is playing.

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