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Old 2011-03-08, 02:27
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Lightbulb export loop as audio - extra feature idea

As a person who makes loops as part of my living I sometimes come across situations where I simply do -not- want to have to cut volume or effects at the tail of my loop -- I like how full the sound gets and how it trails when looping in the sequencer. In some cases I've gone as far as adding an extra bar or two from the beginning to the end and slicing that audio to the head of the track. :/

As such, I think it would be freaking -amazing- if there was an option on export loop as audio to contain the tail effects/sounds from the end of the track that carry over through to the beginning of the loop segment.

That is all! Would rock my world and save me heaps of time in a lot of circumstances.
Old 2011-03-08, 16:30
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Bounce 2 cycles of your loop to a new track, cut the first cycle. I don't think realistically there is any better way to do it. Most folks prefer no fx on loops anyway.
Old 2011-03-08, 19:44
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Originally Posted by paranoidandroid72 View Post
Most folks prefer no fx on loops anyway.

o_0 say wha? So you're telling me because it's a loop I shouldn't bother adding reverb or delay or other nice and warm filling effects?

By Loop I mean a 30-60 second background track for an online game, not a beat or synth loop for other people to use. Basically a short song that loops ad infinitum. Hence why I'd like the tail to be present at the beginning to really make the loop loop without having to tone down volume at the end.
Old 2012-11-27, 01:47
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I can see this feature has been requested multiple times over the years but I think it would be great too. Essentially just have reason export the 2nd loop playback so it gets the tail fx over the start.
Old 2012-11-27, 17:30
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Originally Posted by durn View Post
By Loop I mean a 30-60 second background track for an online game, ]
still do as stated above, bounce out 2 loops out and chop the first off.

should give you the tails at the beginning and loop perfectly.

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