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Old 2011-04-08, 06:04
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Does the ipad get scratched up on the back like a regular ipod?

Does the ipad get scratched up on the back like a regular ipod?

I want to get a ipad but i dont know what type of case or cover i want to get. And i dont like having the back looked scratched. Does the back of the ipad scratch like the back of a ipod?

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Old 2011-04-08, 06:36
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Man, those cases you link look even worse than those cheesy handbags you posted the other day. What you could do, though, is:

Take your ipad and ipod; spread one side of each with generous portions of mayonnaise and mustard; slap some loaf meat and limburger cheese on top of one; place the other firmly on top of the that and enjoy an Apple sandwich. Then you don't have to worry about the ipad getting scratched up.
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Old 2011-04-08, 09:26
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Forget the limburger and meat loaf...go for Pickled Pimento.....
"dont let the world bring you down, not everyone here is´╗┐ that fucked up and cold"
Old 2011-04-08, 17:08
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YEaaa... And don't forget to eat that with some Mojitos!!!
Old 2011-04-08, 23:50
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It's very similar to a mac book pro. If not the same frosted aluminum(ish)

Check out the belkin grip vue. They should have them for ipad 2 soon.
Old 2011-04-10, 07:40
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Speck makes good quality cases and fit perfect.

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