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Old 2011-06-03, 19:24
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A few things we'd like to see in a future R=R update...

Ability to type in percentage for quantize.

Automate ReGroove amount.

Option to change click sound.

Chord namer (in LCD)

Convert clips to blocks

Being able to minimize files within program like in 2.5

ReCycle built in

60 levels of undo.

Midi loop recording works like audio

Velocity knob on Kong pads

Talkbox device

Cymbal/Hi-hat physical modeling module for Kong

No Snap for Trig next loop mode on OctoRex

Advanced sample editor

Mp3 export

Easy way for grouping/busing.

Get groove from clip - Send to specific groove channel

Quicker way to assign all pads to one.

Ability to load patches of patterns into Matrix & a better interface.

Show orig loop tempo in NurseRex

Ability to add Send FX to a specific 1-8 slot on Record mixer

Copy & paste and manual input for combi modulation values.

Modulate all drum module parameters in Kong

Spectrum analyzer

Midi previewer & rns/rec previewer from browser

Groove editor

Banks for Kong w/shuffle sounds button.

An organ device like NI B4
Old 2011-06-03, 20:08
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Originally Posted by WrighTrax View Post
Ability to type in percentage for quantize.

Spectrum analyzer
++++++ for this one.

But, you can rig one up by putting a vocoder in between your Master Mixer and your output for now.

Do it like this:

Master Mixer outs -> Splitter > One Mono out to Vocoder Modulater input >

Splitter > stereo to Hardware Interface

Then put the Vocoder into EQ mode and you get a spectrum analyzer on your final outs. Its not perfect, but it is something.
Old 2011-06-03, 20:48
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Yea, I've seen this way before & I just followed your steps but I don't see any movement on the voco display when I press a key.
Old 2011-06-03, 22:44
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Woops, my mistake, you don't have to put it in EQ mode, if you leave it in Vocoder mode, you will see the top window bounce when you play a synth or play the sequencer.

Sorry about that.
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Old 2011-06-03, 23:42
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No sweat, what do you suggest for number of bands?
Old 2011-06-04, 00:03
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I don't know yet why, but somehow I'm have feeling about... Props make majority of your suggestions WrighTrax... maybe cause they are obviously long overdue in some points & definitely cool!

Last edited by GeorgeFeb; 2011-06-04 at 00:15.
Old 2011-06-04, 04:38
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The talkbox device I find interesting. I googled it and didn't see many offerings in the way of software or plugins. If props took this one on, I'm sure it would get done right.

However, it seems a bit niche. I think there would have to be more to it.
Old 2011-06-04, 12:20
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As far as I understand the concept of talkbox, you do need a mouth in order to make something talk...
usually talk boxes have a rubber hose attached which then uses your mouth to filter your sounds.
How exactly do you imagine recreating the formants, and why would be different from Thor's Formant filter?
I like talkboxes, don't get me wrong, I just think the Formant filter is as close to a talk box as it gets, digitally.
Old 2011-06-04, 16:47
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Originally Posted by Philup View Post
The talkbox device I find interesting...
__________________ .....
Old 2013-01-13, 00:52
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It's a been a few years and I think it's time for me to update this list with the suggestions I've come up with since my initial post. Here it goes:

* Ability to make graintables
* Delay effect module inside of Kong
* Allow velocity to trigger Hit Types
* Automatic delay compensation
* Section for notes
* Notation view
* Allow to create own default settings for devices
* Sub favorite lists (list within a list)
* Solo button on note lanes
* Ability to import template into existing session.
* Ability to mute notes
* Auto save
* Ability to sort files in a favorites list.
* Link faders option
* Quick Look thumbnail
* 16 stereo pair outs on the back of Kong
* One button AudioSuite like processing
* "Date Added" column in browser

Let me know if anyone has any questions.

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