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Old 2011-06-30, 15:48
markhansavon markhansavon is offline
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Thumbs up Good Guitars!! Propellerheads and users of Reason, you'd better be reading this!!

Reason Guitars! (Trust me this is gonna blow your mind)

So, Reason doesn't come with really great distortion for doing guitars. Actually, I really like the Scream unit when combined with other effects, or for creating custom patches for synths or bass or drums it sounds great.

My new goal was to just use MIDI guitars and get as good a sound out of
Reason as possible, without relying on Record or POD Distortion. I've created two combinators as an example of the best I could get using only Reason, no Record POD Distortion necessary. It uses compression to naturally distort the guitars, and makes use of the frequency filter to control whether or not the guitar is muted or sustained.

- Unpolished, played through keyboard and exported in about 5 minutes time. Unlike pro demos from sample libraries, this was not painstakingly done at all, and I still feel it sounds pretty good. - The polished painstaking version, and yet it's not that hard to do at all. This is just editing it so that the muted notes velocities are lower. - WAH Guitar, using Screams "Scream" P2 setting hooked up to a Thor's LFO2 automation.


You use the MOD Wheel to control whether or not the guitar is muted or sustained. When mixing guitars, make sure to pan one part left and one part right at the very least to get a good full rhythm guitar sound.

Here is a sample song file to demonstrate what the guitars can do, and an mp3 file as well:
- MP3 File Link
- The Reason 4 Song File Link

Tips when using the guitars:

The polyphony on the guitar combi's are set to 2. It's meant to be played in the fashion of holding your sustain pedal down, while controlling whether the guitar is muted or sustained with your mod wheel.

First, try moving your mod wheel to the center. Then, push two keys (play a P5 or P4, and make sure you don't play too low or too high, play around C2) of your keyboard down, holding your sustain pedal. Still holding your sustain pedal down, move to two other keys on the keyboard (another P4 or P5 around the same range).

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Old 2011-06-30, 15:50
markhansavon markhansavon is offline
Join Date: Apr 2010
Posts: 10
Here is a demo of the WAH Guitars:
Old 2011-06-30, 16:37
selig's Avatar
selig selig is online now
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I don't hear any 'wha' on your 'WHA GUITAR" demo!?!

This sounds like all that's missing is a speaker cabinet emulation to get rid of the 'fuzz box' buzz. Remember that a guitar cabinet usually has a 10" or 12" speaker, which has no real 'top end' on it. The first thing that identifies a guitar track as 'in the box' is that top-end fuzz sound that could never come from a real amp/speaker. Also consider that the frequency response of a speaker cabinet is FAR from flat, but your examples are nice and flat - TOO flat to be believable, IMHO.

Love your approach to muting (100% believable!), and hope you keep working on this patch. :-)

BTW, here's a link to a Cry Baby Wha-Wha patch I made a month ago. This is painstakingly modeled after a real Cry Baby pedal, modeling the exact frequency, "Q", AND distortion characteristics as the original (not as simple as I originally thought it was). It also adds the 'auto-wha' envelope follower effect, or you can turn that function off and use a pedal to play it 'old skool'. Enjoy!
Giles Reaves, aka 'selig'
Audio Illusionist, Musical Technologist
Selig Audio, LLC

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Old 2011-07-01, 15:48
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Droog Droog is offline
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good effort

you did no slides, no super extremely fast prog lead with wonky tonk pitch bend modulation skills.

Old 2011-07-01, 18:22
binaryeye binaryeye is offline
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Originally Posted by markhansavon View Post
So, Reason doesn't come with really great distortion for doing guitars.
I know you're referring to emulated guitar, but I find the Scream 4 very good for distorting real guitar. In fact, I rarely use the Line 6 units except for cabinet emulation. My default setup is one unit set to Fuzz, with damage high, run through a second unit set to Tube, with damage set relatively low.

Your synth guitars sound interesting, though. I'll check them out when I'm not at work.
Old 2012-01-16, 12:48
markdarbyshire markdarbyshire is offline
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Files are no longer can I get your patch?
Old 2012-01-16, 13:00
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works fine mark
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