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View Poll Results: Do you experience performance problems since using Reason 6?
No, everything works fine - just like in former versions. 128 35.36%
Yes, something weird happens and seems to slow down my computer. 71 19.61%
Yes, I am using the 64 bit version. Performance is slower than usual. 114 31.49%
Yes, I am using the 32 bit version. Performance is slower than usual. 65 17.96%
No, I am using 32 bit version. Everything's fine and always was. 23 6.35%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 362. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2011-10-06, 10:31
ksteuer's Avatar
ksteuer ksteuer is offline
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Question Performance problems since using Reason 6

I am not sure if I am the only one experiencing these problems so I thought I rather ask you other users before contacting any technical support.
For years I've been using Reason and Record in all available versions and lived happily with them.
Now, since I use the brandnew version of Reason I suddenly witness unexpected performance problems.
First, I realized that the scrolling activities (esp. when working in the note editor or automation lanes) are extremely slow.
But also I get to know this "Your computer is too slow..." message which I never had before!
This also appears sometimes on projects I've created with former versions of the program.
Think I should add that my PC isn't definitely too slow - it's rather some sort of power machine...
So my question:
Are you experiencing such problems as well?
Should I only wait for some kind of maintenance update?
Should we bother Propellerhead's technical support??
Please let me know.
Old 2011-10-06, 10:39
Neilq Neilq is offline
Join Date: Jun 2010
Posts: 33
I'd be having the same problem too.
Old 2011-10-06, 22:01
Inthusiast's Avatar
Inthusiast Inthusiast is offline
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 88
I am definitely experiencing the same problems and dont know what to do....i have been working on songs that arent even as complex as some of my record 1.5 projects....i have had to export my tracks just to listen to them all the way through!!!

what should we do?
Old 2011-10-06, 22:40
ollymaw ollymaw is offline
Join Date: May 2010
Posts: 3
I have just reverted back to v5 as performance was too bad for me.

A real shame as v6 looks awesome, but I had audio stuttering and glitches, and that was through a Focusrite Sapphire Pro 40 on an Intel Duo Core Macbook.

I use Reason extensively on stage with the band I play with at some pretty large shows and could not risk running v6, it's just too unstable at the moment.

So I will wait until some updates come available and try again.

PLEASE fix this Prop team or give us some sort of explanation at least.
Old 2011-10-06, 22:44
pushedbutton's Avatar
pushedbutton pushedbutton is offline
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I seem to have a bar on the DSP monitor as soon as I add a default thor and hit a key. I'm sure this wasn't the case in Record.
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Old 2011-10-06, 22:58
Inthusiast's Avatar
Inthusiast Inthusiast is offline
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i also have a performance this sunday at a burning decompression event I dont know if I can use V.6

I'd hope i dont have to uninstall V.6 and reinstall record but if propellerhead can't respond in time its the only option
Old 2011-10-06, 23:30
Checker Checker is offline
Join Date: Aug 2011
Posts: 107
That is really interesting! First what specs of yours PC's...

Maybe they really slow, like I'm already posted before most of people who has 2 cores CPU has these issues like I'm figured...
Old 2011-10-07, 01:02
Posts: n/a
Bummer news - I also have a gig tonight - Reason 5 gonna rock the house
Old 2011-10-07, 01:32
mind2069 mind2069 is online now
Join Date: Oct 2007
Posts: 756
Is this happening on 64 bit cause im pretty shure I read somewhere that 64 bit was making reason slower.

So any of you experiencing this on 32 bit.
Old 2011-10-07, 03:09
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clarktw clarktw is offline
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Guys - As of the time of this post, the percentages in the Poll add up to 113.33%. It’s no big deal but I checked it with another calculator because I thought my precious Hewlett Packard was on the blink. Maybe the Propellerhead servers blew a gasket or something during the past week.

Inthusiast – I’ve got to show my ignorance and ask out of curiosity: what the heck is a “.. burning decompression event ..”? I’m sort of afraid to Google it.
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