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Well... despite the fact that I don't agree with the way you started and named this thread, I could suggest that YOU should (re)install Reason 5 on a different folder and keep using it when loading the old tracks while using Reason 6 for new tracks that you make more SSL-oriented.

...but, I won't suggest you that. Instead, I'll make a quite idiotic Feature Suggestion to PropellerheadS (that you can actually do manually, btw):

suggestion for a New Feature: Right-click Mixer 14:2 and choose "Explode mixer 14:2 channels to tracks"

This would create as much pairs of Mix Device+Mixer 14:2 copies as there are used Channels on the original mixer device, but now, each of these copies would only have its respective mixer channel between its own Mix Device and the original devices, keeping the original settings of that channel(s) and any specific automation clips for that channel (and Return devices).

This cumbersome solution would have an even more idiotic fail safe feature: Any Send/Return Effect device(s) would be multiply copied for each of those new Mix Device+Mixer pairs. The user then would manually delete any of those FX devices from the pairs that didn't need them for optimization purposes although no action would be needed to keep the audio exactly as before (you could only end up with unused copies of FX on certain Mix Device+Mixer 14:2 tracks).


1 mixer 14:2 with:
  • NN-XT on Channel 1
  • Thor on Channel 2
  • Dr.OctoRex on Channel 3
  • RV-7000 on Return 1
each channel with automation lanes and specific Level, Pan, EQ, Aux settings

If this feature was available, one would simply right-click on that mixer 14:2 device, choose the "Explode channels to tracks" and you would end up with 3 new sequencer tracks: mixer 14:2 (1), mixer 14:2 (2) and mixer 14:2 (3)
  • Mix Device (1) + mixer 14:2 (1) + NN-XT still on Channel 1 + RV-7000 (1)
  • Mix Device (2) + mixer 14:2 (2) + Thor still on Channel 2 + RV-7000 (2)
  • Mix Device (3) + mixer 14:2 (3) + Dr.OctoRex still on Channel 3 + RV-7000 (3)
If, for instance, Aux 1 was set to 0 on the mixer 14:2 (2) device, then the user could optionally, for optimization sake, delete RV-7000 (2) device, because that would be idle.

...this post is my example of a "rant" without cursing.
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